Top 10 favourite Ice Pokémon

Banner Ice Pokémon

It’s December and you know what that means! It’s the month of Christmas hurray! So for this special occasion I bring you.. a non-Christmas related countdown! Eh, when it comes to Christmas and December in general I always think of snow immediately, and snow equals ice kinda so I thought it was fitting to count down my ten favourite Ice Pokémon.

There are very few rules for this countdown in particular. Since the ice type is by far the most underrepresented in the Pokémon franchise, all Pokémon that have the ice type and scream to me ‘’Hey, I’m an ice type!’’  are eligible for this list. That also goes for mega evolution and the recently introduced Alola Pokémon. This list is not based on how well they do in the meta as I am not a competitive Pokémon player. Instead, my listings are purely based on design, lore, type combination and how fun they are to use in the games. Lastly, this list is purely my own opinion, but I encourage you to leave your lists down below as I am very interested! Without further ado, let’s start this countdown! (Continues on the next page)

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