Top 10 favourite Ice Pokémon

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Number 5: Weavile

WeavileNow we move on to the real good stuff. I liked the previous 5 entries of course, but from here onwards we get into the Pokémon that have been on my team multiple times spread across multiple games. The first one of these is the evolution of Sneasel, the cool and sinister Weavile. Weavile is part of the multitude of Pokémon from earlier generations that got an evolution in Generation 4, and also one of the first revealed Pokémon from that generation ever. It had a teaser in the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game before Diamond and Pearl where even released. Weavile keeps the Dark/Ice combination from it’s pre-evolution, which.. is actually not that good when it comes to weaknesses. In total it’s weak to six types, and especially weak against fighting type. And this is extremely dangerous since Weavile’s second lowest stat is normal defense. It learns quite a lot of Dark type moves, but only Icy Wind for ice type moves. Of course there are TMs, but gameplay-wise Weavile is not really that good. But like I said in the beginning, competitive gameplay is the last thing I care for. Weavile’s design in particular is really good, based on multiple mythologies like the Japanese weasel youkai Kamaitachi and Egyptian fashion. He is also a playable fighter in the fighting game Pokkén Tournament. Overall not the best Pokémon gameplay-wise but definitely one of my more liked designs.

Number 4: Alolan Sandslash

SandslashWhenever I play a new game I always try to pick newly introduced Pokémon. For Generation 7 I kinda cheated and allowed Alolan Pokémon since I couldn’t care for most of the new Pokémon, at least the ones found on the first isles. I love Ice Pokémon and I love Sandslash and then I learned about Alola Sandslash’s existence and poof, I got one slot reserved. Sandslash is already one of my more liked Pokémon of the first generation, and now it only got better. Sandslash was originally just a Ground type, and now became a completely new Pokémon with both the Ice and Steel type combination. Another unique typing that no other Pokémon till this date has replicated. This combination ditches quite a lot of weaknesses but is now extra vulnerable against the main weaknesses of Ice types: Fire and Fighting. Sandslash is especially focused on normal attack and defense however to compensate for these weaknesses, but in return has an extremely low special attack stat. He learns quite a few moves of both types and can learn them as well, so gameplay wise Sandslash is pretty good. And I haven’t even mentioned his design yet with is also superb. Original Sandslash is based on the pangolin and several other spiky animals like hedgehogs. Alolan Sandslash keeps that idea in mind but replaces the quills on the back with sharp icicles, and its skin changes from light-yellow to light-blue. It’s a small adjustment to an already great design. I mean, there’s literally little wrong with this Pokémon; he’s that good.

Number 3: Walrein

WalreinThe Spheal evolutionary line in the Generation 3 games are a group of Pokémon encountered very late in the game, in an optional cave near the seventh gym. Nevertheless, I always went out of my way to get a Spheal and evolve it to Walrein, because after all he is my third favourite Ice Pokémon. Walrein’s desing is relatively simple; it’s a walrus. I even looked on the Wikipedia to see if there was some other inspiration but nope, just walrus. A good looking walrus however with its blue skin and giant tusks. Their sprites in the original games looked especially good. Since we’re talking about a walrus, it should come as no surprise that the other typing for Walrein is Water. A very good combination however, as it neutralizes Ice’s biggest weakness: Fire. In return it’s weak against Grass and Electric, but Ice is strong against the former anyways. Walrein has access to a huge amount of Ice type moves just by levelling up, and can even learn a few through TMs. Surprisingly not a lot of Water moves, but still the good ones. Walrein’s stats are spread equally across all of them except speed, making him viable for every move he can learn. A very good Pokémon, and understandably so. The trainers of Hoenn love them as well, as either Walrein or its pre-evolution Sealeo is part of the eight gym in both Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald, and the third elite four has them multiple times as well.

Number 2: Glaceon

We’re closing in on the top with the final two Pokemon, and what is a typing list without an Eeveelution? Probably a list of a type that does not yet have an Eeveelution, but if it does that list is heresy. Glaceon is the Ice type evolution of Eevee, introduced in Generation 4 alongside Leafeon. Like all other Eeveelutions, the design is closely based on foxes, dogs and cats, with Glaceon in particular looking like an artic fox. It has light-blue fur with large ears and two trademark dangles hanging from them. Real talk: I love Glaceon’s design. It is super adorable, so elegant, and if Pokémon ever become a reality I would definitely want one as pet. Out of all the Eeveelutions, it’s by far my favourite design and the shiny form is even better! Glaceon is a pure Ice type and learns a lot by levelling. She has the usual weaknesses the Ice type has, but has a high defense and special defense to boot. Regular attack is pretty low, but special attack is on the higher end of Glaceon’s stats. The only weird thing about them is a gimmick Generation 4 likes to abuse: evolving them under certain conditions. In Glaceon’s case, they have to be levelled near something called an Ice Rock before they can evolve. It’s minor, but in Heartgold and Soulsilver, you could not evolve Eevee into a Glaceon because of that reason. Regardless, I really love Glaceon a lot, and it is my number two for a reason. The question remains though, what Pokémon could possibly be my number one?

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