Top 10 favourite Ice Pokémon

Banner Ice Pokémon

Number 1: Froslass

FroslassBet you didn’t see this one coming huh? And if you did you certainly are a human of culture. Yes, Froslass is my favourite Ice Pokemon and—spoiler alert, forget this soon please—my favourite Pokémon of all time alongside two others who I will keep secret for now. But why Froslass of all Pokémon? Short answer: personal bias, but I do have my reasons. Froslass is a split evolution introduced in Generation 4. While Snorunt usually evolves into Glacie, when being female and given a Dawn Stone a different evolution occurs. Froslass keeps the Ice typing and gains an additional Ghost type, being yet again the only Pokémon in the franchise so far to have this combination. These two types are—along with Dragon—my favourite types in the game, hence my bias. It’s not necessarily the best of combinations as it now has five weaknesses and due to being part Ice no immunity to ground, but it is immune to Fighting and Normal as compensation. Froslass’ stats are split pretty much equally across them all with speed standing out, meaning that she is viable for both physical and special attack and defense. She has access to pretty much all non-exclusive Ice and Ghost moves, alongside a few Electric moves as well. Overall a solid Pokémon; not too good, not too bad either. The design is really cool though, being based around the Japanese ice youkai Yuki-onna. The Pokédex entries further confirm this, being a woman who was lost on an icy mountain and later reborn as a Froslass. The design is very Japanese as well, having a sort of kimono to cover her hollow purple body. She has that mischievous look on her face at all time, befitting of her true nature. Froslass has literally everything I want in a Pokémon: Good typing, unique design and lore, and overall solid gameplay.  In my personal opinion, Froslass is the best Ice Pokémon the franchise has ever seen.

Honourable mention to Lapras who just slightly didn’t make the list. I like Lapras, but I tend to think more of it as a Water Pokémon than an actual Ice Pokémon. Maybe for a future list? Who knows. I hope you all enjoyed reading my list and of course, everything in this list is my own personal opinion. I am curious however, what are your favourite Ice Pokémon? Be sure to let me know in the comments down below!

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