Top 10 Fate Male Servants (2018)

10. Archer

DavidIn tenth place we have the 3-star Archer first appearing in the Okeanos Singularity David, otherwise known as the King of Israel from the Old Testament, the shepherd and harpist who later killed the giant Goliath. The last feat is also what allowed him to become part of the Archer class.. even though he uses his Shephard Staff as regular weapon. David appears as a friendly, sincere man with a weakness for women. I’m.. not exactly Christian so if the latter is true to his personality I can’t say, but I am aware of the stories of David being a wise king. I’m not a big fan of his first two designs, but the last one with the long hair is great. He has the highest attack and lowest HP stat amongst all 3-star Archers with a QAAAB deck and Buster single-target Noble Phantasm which pierces evasion. Not the best deck for a servant that is supposed to be Buster based but whatever. His skills are pretty good however, with two healing skills and one of them also removing mental debuffs and giving one turn evade to the entire party. The other skill is Charisma, which buffs the attack of the whole party. Weird deck but solid skills overall. I would’ve liked it if he got more importance in the plot due to being, y’know, the father of Solomon, but I digress. Solid 3-star Archer overall that’s definitely worth putting on your team.

9. Saber

Essentially the main character of the sixth singularity Camelot, First Member Bedivere is the 3-star Saber of the Knights of the Round Table. Probably the most faithful knights of them all, Bedivere was the closest to King Arthur of them all. Bedivere is a strange servant however, as he should not have been one from the get-go. Some may remember his appearance in the original Fate/Stay Night, but they are not completely the same. This version of him did not return Excalibur to it’s original place and instead kept living with regret. It was due to his actions in the Camelot singularity—and with Merlin’s help—that he ended up becoming a Heroic Spirit. That’s what I like about Fate personally: they take the liberty of making ”what if” servants. His personality is very well mimicked in Fate/Grand Order. His silver arm, the shining Airgetlam is Fatelore specific, but it does take his alternate lore into account. He has a QQABB deck and Buster single-target Noble Phantasm, a really good deck overall allowing him to do Buster chains. The more Overcharge the Noble Phantasm has, the higher his Buster performance will become. His skills involve buffing the party’s NP damage, charging his own NP gauge with debuff resistance as chance, as well as buffing the defense of the entire party. He functions well as both a support and attack servant with also having the highest attack stat among all 3-star Sabers, but in return the lowest HP stat. It hurts that he is story-locked, but I swear one day I will NP5 him.

8. Rider

OzymandiasWhat do you get when you pick Gilgamesh but make him less arrogant? That’s basically Ozymandias in a nutshell, otherwise known as pharaoh Ramesses II, the King of Kings. He is known as the greatest hero of Ancient Egypt, and for good reason. He loved the people, and the people loved him as well. He is extremely confident in himself, seeing himself as a god and pharaoh at the same time. His ego is big, but he does not disrespect any other divine beings and dedicates his life to his beloved queen Nefertari. He is not as arrogant as Gil, and therefore much more respectable in return. Ozymandias is—as expected—a 5-star servant, with his class being Rider. To this date he is still known as one of the strongest Riders in both Fate lore and Fate/Grand Order, even in Japan. Sporting a QAABB deck and a really strong single-target Buster Noble Phantasm, Ozy can handle almost anything in his path. He is in possession of the potentially great skill Imperial Privilege, depending on RNG. But Ozymandias laughs at RNG and has a skill that both increases the NP gauge and buff success rate of the entire party. And Charisma which at this point like, almost every Rider has and doesn’t need explanation. His attack stat is the second highest, but in return has a lower HP stat. Overall a great Rider, I just hope he’ll spook my Chaldea someday.

7. Berserker

AsteriosWho said you have to be a high star servant to be a good one? While Asterios might not be the best example of this statement, the legendary Minotaur from Greece Mythology can still pack a punch. Born as a half-human half-bull, he is the ‘’son’’ of King Minos who resides in the Labyrinth, an impossible-to-escape maze. I like Greece Mythology myself quite a lot, but I especially liked how they handled Asterios’ personality in the game. Many media directly appoint him as an evil being and—let’s not beat around the bush—he is, but Fate/Grand Order shows a softer side of him by being the protector of Euryale. He is very protective and despite being a Berserker, has control over himself pretty well and is sometimes able to communicate. He regrets his past as Minotaur, but he will not forgive himself, nor let anyone forgive him for that past. As long as you don’t betray him by calling him out as a Minotaur, he will remain at your side as a respectable servant. I really like his design as well, with the two massive axes and looking more human than bull. Asterios is a complete DPS Heroic Spirit, meaning that he won’t be of any use as a supporter. He utilizes a QABBB deck meaning that he can Buster Brave Chain at any moment. His Arts Noble Phantasm, the Chaos Labyrinthos, is a massive debuff NP for all enemies, lowering their attack and defense significantly. His skills all rely on self-buffs, like increasing attack, buster and defense for himself. If timed right, even this 1-star servant can do massive damage upon an enemy. There is a reason he was one of my first max ascended servants, alongside having 9/9/9 skills.

6. Lancer/Caster/Berserker

Cu ChulainnSome servants are so beloved and versatile they’re not satisfied with just one class. Cú Chulainn is one of them, having a total of four variants at the moment. The one I used most is Lancer Prototype Cú from Fate/Prototype, and that isn’t even his strongest form. He’s also a Caster who helps you out during the prologue, there’s his regular Lancer form from Stay Night and finally Berserker Cú Alter from the fifth singularity. Cú is a demigod and hero from the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology. Originally born as Sétanta but renamed after killing the guard dog of house Culann and offering to replace the dog himself. His historical lore is pretty huge so I won’t go into it for now, maybe another day. Cú does have the advantage of being part of.. well, quite a lot of Fate adaptations, so his personality is pretty fleshed out. A merciless and fierce murderer, but one believing in justice; he does not, and refuses to kill innocent people. That said, he still follows the Holy Grail War rules so if one interferes he will still kill. He has gone through multiple designs and they all look good. Not too bad a fan of his Caster look, but the Berserker look applies greatly to my inner edginess. I won’t go into all of their skills and abilities since yet again, I would be here for a while. The Lancers both play very similar to each other and you’ve probably by chance come across a Grailed Cú already, since they’re both considered amongst the best Lancers in the game even for 3-stars. A shared skill among all forms is what makes them unique, and that’s a three times evade. Due to it they can tank quite a lot of damage, and add the guts skill and it’s not easy to kill any of them. This also applies to Cú Alter and he’s a Berserker! A great set of servants that would almost put you at a disadvantage by not including them in your team. Unfortunately I don’t have Alter yet, but someday if RNGesus allows it..

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