Top 10 Fate Male Servants (2018)

5. Archer

OrionHa, didn’t expect that now did ya. Orion is technically a male as he is the summoned servant, not Artemis, so I feel justified in putting this on here. Also makes the female list easier for me. Did I just spoil the next list? Oh no.. Orion is a unique summoning, as he is actually the one being summoned, but Artemis decided to tag along. In reality, Orion is the small bear next to Artemis, and she was able to be summoned by significantly lowering her divinity. Artemis is one of the most famous characters from Greece Mythology, being the daughter of Zeus and the Moon Goddess aswell as the Goddess of the Hunt. She fell in love with the hunter Orion, but the love story was tragic and not allowed, ending in Artemis being fooled into killing Orion. Their personality comes of as a young couple; Artemis is energetic and passionate, madly in love with Orion who is a playboy and takes any chance to hit on other females.. despite being a teddy bear. Orion, or rather Artemis’ design looks good, especially in her sprite. They are an Arts-based Archer with QQAAB deck and a strong Arts Noble Phantasm. It deals good damage to one enemy and reduces their attack, NP gauge and critical strength for three turns. Orion also has a very solid skillset, with a defense, attack and debuff resistance buff, and an evade plus critical damage buff. But most important of all—and what Orion shines the most at—is the second skill Whimsical Bond, which increases damage done against male enemies by 50 to 100% depending on skill level. They absolutely destroy male servants, even with an attack that is on the lower end for 5-star Archers. Orion has spooked me twice so far on banners I didn’t expect them to come, but it was greatly appreciated regardless. They have carried me multiple times, especially in Camelot together with Euryale.

4. Archer

KidGilThough this spot to an extend goes to all version of Gilgamesh (especially Caster Gil), I mainly want to talk about Kid Gilgamesh. Why? He’s the only one I have, but also due to his personality. Gilgamesh is the wise king of Uruk, the King of Heroes and the self-proclaimed strongest servant of them all. Gilgamesh is pretty arrogant, but his youthful self is still relatively innocent though he does share some of the traits. Surprisingly, he even hates his adult self and questions why he ever became that way. I like PRISMAILLYA Gil the most but they’re not exactly the same entity as that Gil is in character more comparable to his adult self with a sadistic and sarcastic personality. One trait the both of them do share however, is that they’re both womanizers down to their core and it makes for some great moments. Kid Gilgamesh in Grand Order has his interlude as a great example. The design is also good, keeping the blood-red eyes and golden hair from his adult self in child format. Kid Gilgamesh has a QAABB deck and a Buster AoE Noble Phantasm the Gate of Babylon, which does multiple debuffs alongside good damage. His attack is the second highest amongst the 3-star Archers, which of course compensates with the second lowest HP stat. His skills involve Charisma, Golden Rule which increases his NP generation and finally a chance-based charm on humanoid enemies. At low level this skill is pretty unreliable, and increasing its level doesn’t make it that much better. Regardless, he is able to put out good damage and that’s where he shines. Obviously he is nowhere near as strong as his adult counterpart, but for a 3-star Kid Gilgamesh does his job well. I guess I like him the most due to personal bias but hey, that’s why it’s my list after all.

3. Lancer

DiarmuidYet another servant who’s placement he has to thank the respective anime adaptation for, Diarmuid ua Duibhne probably would not have been this high on the list if not for Fate/Zero. A Lancer from the Celtic mythology and first warrior of the knights of Fianna, and in the Japanese version of Grand Order he finally got his Saber version after two years of memeing. He is part of a tragic love story involving his leader Fionn and his soon-to-be bride Grainne who instead fell in love with Diarmuid. He has a magical love spot making any woman who gazes at it fall instantaneously in love with him. Fionn of course was not happy with this but he is the worst Lancer in the game anyways so no wonder Diarmuid managed to avoid being killed by him, and later able to return to the knights of Fianna. This is why I like Diarmuid: he will always remain loyal whatever it takes, even if the world is against him. He only fights honourably with the codes of chivalry in mind, which was portrayed very well in the anime where he was on the winning end of his duel with Artoria. He made her unable to use her left hand and to an extend her Noble Phantasm, but is willing to break his own Noble Phantasm and fight her again later not benefitting from this advantage. So far I’ve only talked about personality and historical background, so let’s move on to Grand Order before this paragraph becomes twice the size of others. He has the second lowest attack of all 3-star Lancers, and the second highest HP stat. He specializes in the Quick meta, with a QQAAB deck and Quick Noble Phantasm. It deals good damage and removes buffs with curse on overcharge which is always good. He has an evasion skill which also increases defense, and a star generation skill. The final skill is very situational but when it works, it works very well. It has to do with his myth, and decreases the attack by a good amount of all female enemies. If there are none, this skill is obviously useless as it has no other effect. Though he is not one of the best Lancers (trust me, the Lancer class is filled with amazing servants) he still deserves his spot not only due to good gameplay but a great character overall.

2. Berserker (Lancer)

VladThis one also took part in an anime adaptation, but this time I specifically know quite a lot about this servant. Blame Castlevania and any other game that starred Dracula. Indeed, place two goes to none other than Vlad Tepes III of Romania. This placing takes into account both the anime counterpart (which was a Lancer) and the Berserker from Grand Order. Vlad is probably one of the most saddest existences within the Fate universe. In his own homeland of Romania, he is known and praised as a hero. After all, he managed to hold back the Ottoman army of 150000 soldiers with several savage tactics, including putting 20000 humans on stakes to shake fear into the enemy, and granting him the nickname of Vlad the Impaler. Within the realms of Romania he’s also a Lancer class and boosted by his fame, making him even stronger than he already is and believe me, he is very strong. But unfortunately outside of Romania, good ol’ Vlad is known as a different entity: Dracula. Back in 1897, Bram Stoker made a novel which took inspiration from Vlad and turned him into a vampire. And this is where Fate Vlad comes into play. Vlad is a proud warrior and king, and rightfully so. Wouldn’t you hate it when you’ve made such accomplishments, yet the world only knows you as Dracula? Vlad hates it himself and if you’re summoning him with the intention of his vampiric skills, he will disobey you completely if not kill you. Though he has slowly accepted his other half as Berserker, he hates it still and that’s why I like Fate’s adaptation of Vlad. His wish to the grail is even to remove the Legend of Dracula curse that follows him everywhere. Though he has the Berserker class in Fate/Grand Order, he still keeps his calm and leader-like personality. He has two different forms in the game as two different classes, one being the Vlad we’ve just talked about and the other being Vlad as a warrior. I’m not really a fan of his warrior design, but that might be just me. Berserker Vlad looks very much like how Dracula should look like (at least in fictional media), and I recognized him before he even gave his name. Vlad is one of the few Arts-based Berserkers, with a QAABB deck and an Arts Noble Phantasm which deals good damage to a single target and gives him critical stars in return. His skills can reduce enemies their NP gauge while increasing his own, raise his attack and defense and give him guts for more survivability. Overall Arts wouldn’t really be my first pick for a Berserker servant, but it does give him synergy with the Arts meta. I really like how they portrayed Vlad in the Fate universe, and truly he was the servant I was rooting for in Apocrypha. Too bad plot armour is a thing within the Fate universe.

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