Top 10 Fate Male Servants (2018)

1. Rider

AlexanderSo we’ve had all of these great servants, from the King of Israel to the Lord Impaler. What makes Alexander the Great, the young version of Iskander, my favourite male servant? Simple: complete and utter bias. Alexander was one of the first servants who visited my Chaldea and also one of the first who I brought to max level. Alexander was the young prince of Macedonia and presumed to be the son of Zeus. He is also known as the King of Conquerors, wanting to see the ends of the world and leave his footsteps beyond the oceans. His personality and goals are shared with his adult self, but in a more youthful way. Iskandar is often seen as a brother who you can always rely on, and young Alexander is no different. After all, he was known as a ‘’peerless pretty boy’’ and for good reason. Yep, the main reason Alexander is my favourite male servant is his design. Disclaimer, I am not gay really, but Alexander.. oof. I love his design so much as far as to say that he is really hot. If he was real I would have seriously questioned my sexuality. I could go on an on about that really, but let’s move on to gameplay. He has the highest base attack amongst all 3-star AND 4-star Riders. No kidding, if he didn’t have to worry about the level 70 cap his attack would be higher than them. Unfortunately that has to be compensated with him having the lowest HP stat of all Riders. He is a quick-based servant with a QQAAB deck and a Quick AoE Noble Phantasm where he summons his horse Bucephalus. It deals massive damage making him a great farming servant, as well as giving critical stars. His skill involve Charisma which increases attack, a low-chance charm that works on all humanoid enemies and a quick performance buff for the entire party, making him also a great support servant. Truly, there’s little wrong with Alexander. I love his character, I especially love his design and he’s great gameplay-wise as well. To be honest, I have considered grailing him many times over, though for now I haven’t done so yet. Why? Find out on the next list where I talk about my Top 10 favourite Female Servants!

I have quite a lot of honourable mentions to go through. This list wasn’t easy to make as there are quite a lot of good male servants:

  • Astolfo, because while I do really like him, his gender is technically Unknown. I think we’re all 99% sure he’s a boy but technicalities and stuff.
  • Sasaki Kojiro, because he is a great 1-star servant and because of his appearance in the anime.

Other servants include Georgios, Paracelsus, Rama, Billy the Kid and Hektor. Just can’t have space for everyone on the list huh. Do you agree with my listing or completely hate it? Let me know your lists down below, I am very interested to hear your opinions!

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