Top 10 Fate Female Servants (2018)

Banner Female Servants

Welcome to the final article of Fate/Grand Order week 2018, where we take a look at my Top 10 Favourite Fate Female Servants. The same rules apply here; no servants that are not yet playable in the American release of the game, and the priority lies with design and lore. Gameplay is taken into account as well but that’s of least importance as every servant is viable in the game. Admittedly this list was even tougher to make than the Male counterpart and that one was fairly difficult in its own right, so please keep in mind this list is entirely my personal opinion. Be sure to leave your lists down below in the comments however, as I am very interested! Like the Males list, to avoid spoilers I’ll put the class name and picture up first with the actual names and history in the paragraphs. Without further ado, here is my Top 10 Favourite Female Servants list in Fate/Grand Order!

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Female Servants


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