Top 10 Fate Female Servants (2018)

Banner Female Servants

10. Caster

IllyasvielWe start off the list with a girl the FBI isn’t happy to see, Illyasviel von Einzbern or ‘’Illya’’ for short. Illya is one of the Fate original servants, meaning that she is not based after an historical figure like the other servants. Despite that, during the crossover event in autumn her spirit origin was replicated in the Throne of Heroes and we were able to summon her. This version of Illya from Fate/Kaleid was also born to be utilized in the Holy Grail War, but they abandoned the idea and instead have her grow up like a normal school girl. That all changed when she met the magical wand Ruby which transformed her into a lesbian 10 year old loli magical girl. She has your usual magical girl powers, and in the anime can also use Class Cards from defeating their respective servants to gain the advantages of these classes, though that mechanic has not been adapted in Grand Order. Her personality is also like your usual magical girl: cheerful, energetic and a desire to protect her friends. Illya has two different designs in the game: two for her magical girl attire, and one for the school outfit which I personally like more. FBI please stay away. I like her as a character, but her gameplay is excellent as well. She’s in a niche category within her class, being a DPS first instead of support. She is a Buster- and Arts-based servant with a QAAAB deck and Buster single-target Noble Phantasm. Unfortunately she is not able to Buster brave chain, which would have benefitted her greatly. She even has a buster buff skill to help her out on that front, but can’t have everything I guess. Due to that her Noble Phantasm does massive damage—especially since it grants an additional buster buff before the animation—but as demerit it decreases her defense and attack for 3 turns. Still, it is easily one of, if not the strongest Caster Noble Phantasm in the game. Her other skills give her invincibility and NP generation, while the other relies on chance but can give her or her allies guts, debuff immunity and recovers their HP. That third skill can even be used to negate the demerits from the Noble Phantasm. Overall a really great offensive Caster, who I didn’t get during the initial event but she finally answered my prayers during the Thanksgiving banners. Unfortunately still low level but you’ll get your spotlight soon Illya!

9. Rider

QuetzalcoatlOriginally I wasn’t that big a fan of Quetzalcoatl. Her design was okay for me, and I’m not really familiar with Aztec Mythology. That all changed however when Babylonia arrived and yep, I was immediately convinced. Quetzalcoatl is one of the gods from said mythology, having control over multiple aspects like wind and rain, harvest and life and even the sun! She was loved by the humans, because she was a god who wanted peace and gave blessings upon the humans. Quetzalcoatl’s name translates to ‘’Winged/Feathered Serpent’’. Since gods are not able to be summoned, the woman we know is only a portion; a copy. Her personality is most fun of all however, as she is a super energetic elder sister who is also a Luchador. Big-hearted, she keeps watching over humans without killing them. Oh, and she mixes some Spanish words in her sentences every now and then which is also great. Her personality is why I like her the most, but like Illya she’s also an excellent servant. She has the highest attack among all 5-star Riders, even in Japan. She has a QAABB deck with a Buster single-target Noble Phantasm which deals massive damage, inflicts NP seal and burn on overcharge. Her skills involve the usual Charisma, but also a targetable guts and buster which is always great to have. Finally there’s her skill which increases both critical star absorption AND critical damage at once, as well as increasing her NP gauge. A very nice kit overall. Quetzalcoatl has also visited my Chaldea not too long ago. Took me way more Saint Quartz than I had hoped—I even got NP5 Gorgon while rolling for her—but she will definitely be a servant that I’m going to use a lot.

8. Archer

EuryaleAlso known as the queen of Camelot, Euryale is my number eight on this list. She is the second of the Gorgon sisters, younger than Stheno and older than Medusa. They were all goddesses, born from the wishes of mankind for ideal idols. Looking at their design that’s certainly true since they’re beautiful and flat-chested, and flat is justice. But back on track before the FBI truly comes. Medusa was different from the both of them, and was later banished to the Shapeless Isle, known to the public as a monster. Euryale and Stheno decided to move to the isle with her, but mankind would not leave them alone, either because they wanted to slay Medusa or propose marriage to the beautiful twin sisters. Eventually Medusa gave in to her hate and became the monster she was made out to be, later on consuming the twin sisters as sacrifices. A sad story it certainly is for our cute, little innocent Euryale.. is what I’d like to say. Euryale looks cute on the outside, a perfect goddess who cares for humans more than they care for themselves, but you couldn’t be more wrong. She, alongside her sisters, hates humans and rather set them on their path to ruin. Cute on the outside, devil on the inside. Well good thing I like sadists as I am one myself, so we’d get along just fine.. if she didn’t hate me as well since I’m a puny human. Euryale is an Arts-based Archer with a QQAAB deck and Arts single-target Noble Phantasm which is her main attraction. Due to her lore, Euryale is an absolute male killer, with a massive damage dealing NP which does extra damage against males, charms them and lowers attack for both genders. Her skills are basic but do their job well: an NP sucking skill, a charm skill against male enemies and finally an arts performance buff. I called her the queen of Camelot earlier and for good reason. Despite being a 3-star servant, she absolutely destroys male enemies more easily than higher rarities do. For that reason if I know I’m up against male enemies, particularly Saber of Berserker, Euryale if often my first choice alongside Orion.

7. Rider/Archer

Anne Bonny & Mary ReadOne of the few occasion two servants are part of one Saint Graph, the seventh spot go to the pirates of the golden age, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Mostly Mary Read since she’s the one in battle and y’know.. you might have seen a trend in this countdown. At first they were not relatives of each other, but Anne would join John Rackham and his pirate group, which later captured Mary who was working on a Dutch ship. Mary disguised herself as a male however, so there was a certain bond between the two when they first met; a bond that would keep them together forever. They fought together and became some of the most well-known pirates out there, having a bond arguably even bigger than romance. Even till the end when they were outnumbered and the crew of John were being cowards, they fought together until the very end. Anne has the personality of a daredevil but will always remain friendly, while Mary is overall a quiet woman who acts more tough because of her being raised as a man, but when she gets to know you she’ll get attached easily. Both of them are nice characters which almost makes it hard to believe they’re pirates with the Chaotic Evil alignment. In combat, their stats are pretty much in the middle when it comes to 4-star Riders. They have a QQAAB deck with a very interesting Quick single-target Noble Phantasm. It already does massive damage, but that damage will be increased the lower their HP is on overcharge. So if they have 1 HP remaining and their NP is on maximum overcharge, expect complete deletion of the enemy. I’m planning to use this strategy some day actually, but I won’t make it in time for Solomon. Their skills are solely focusses on critical stars, critical damage and attack increase. All of them are great skills to increase their own potential even further, especially when soloing. Their Archer counterpart is more of the same with slightly different skills, but you can’t go wrong with either. I have both of them—Rider even casually spooked me four times—and while I haven’t used Archer much yet, I am very happy with them.

6. Demon Archer

Oda NobunagaThe self-proclaimed Devil King of the Sixth Heaven, sixth place coincidentally goes to everyone’s favourite Oda Nobunaga. A legendary warlord from the Warring States period, Nobu is one of the most well-known and influential conquerors ever. Nobu is sort of a joke servant in the game, mostly due to her origins in Fate/KOHA-ACE which is a parody manga to begin with. Regardless, she is still made as a full-fledged servant in Grand Order with a self-confident personality and occasional jokes from the original source thrown in there. But her design though.. I absolutely love it. Nobu looks really good, so far as to say that she is amongst my favourite designs in the entire game. Since she is a welfare servant, if you do the event properly you’ll get her to NP5 no problem. The event returns somewhere early next year in case you did miss her.. like me, who only has her NP1. She’s a Buster-based servant with a QAABB deck and Buster AoE Noble Phantasm which does good damage, even more so against enemies that have the riding trait. Not only that, but she has a skill that buffs her damage against Divine enemies. And since there are quite a lot of servant who have both traits.. absolute destruction is unavoidable. She can also buff the NP generation rate for all allies, as well as critical star absorption and damage for herself. Nobu is a solid servant that can shine even more under the right conditions. I will do everything in my power to get her to NP5 next event, and may also try to get her Summer counterpart depending on how many Saint Quartz I have.

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