Top 10 Fate Female Servants (2018)

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5. Archer

Chloe..Maybe I should rename this list to Top 10 Lolis in Fate/Grand Order. At Number five we have the most lewdest lolis of them all, Chloe von Einzbern. Saying Chloe is Illya Alter is not too far of a stretch. Like explained before, Illya was supposed to become a vessel of the Holy Grail in the war, but that idea was abandoned to have her enjoy a normal life. However, Illya still possessed the knowledge about what she was meant to become, which was sealed away but not completely. That personality took hold of the Archer card and managed to become its own independent person, Chloe. In actuality her design and powers come from one of Fate’s main characters, Shirou Emiya. When I mentioned her being Illya Alter, it doesn’t just come to backstory. Her characteristics are pretty much the complete opposite of Illya as well, being devious, manipulative and at first completely objective to Illya’s existence. Later they do end up on good terms—even though Chloe didn’t have much choice with the seal placed on her. I do really like her personality and design, and of course the anime being what it is, Chloe has some very.. pegi-18 moments. I should probably skip over whether I like those or not because my image is already being questioned at the moment by the amount of lolis on this list. Chloe is a welfare servant, meaning that she’s only available through an event but is easily able to get to NP5. She is an Arts-based Archer with a QQAAB deck and single-target Arts Noble Phantasm which deals great damage and ignores any evasion. Her first two skills are similar to her ‘’male’’ counterpart Emiya, which is evasion with a critical damage buff and a skill that buffs the performance of all her cards for one turn. Her last skill is what differentiates her from Emiya however, which charges her own NP gauge and increased critical star generation, which is very useful in her case as her NP gain is pretty high overall. With a good setup, Chloe can keep spamming her Noble Phantasm and be a complete boss killer. She’s seen as one of the best 4-star Archers and for good reason. And best of all, she’s free! But if you still want to get her now well.. good luck, she won’t be returning for a while. I also just maxed all her skills because well, she’s that good.

4. Saber/Rider

MordredI’m free from the lolis! Maybe the 4 people who are still reading this and haven’t gone to call the police can regain their faith in me. But I mean, who wouldn’t place Mordred up this high? She’s awesome! Otherwise known as the Knight of Treachery, he—or in this case she—is the son of King Arthur and his sister Morgan. In fate lore it’s.. very weirdly explained but basically Merlin turned Artoria into a male for a bit so his sperm could be extracted into Morgan’s ovary. Out of all the characters I’ve covered so far, Mordred was probably the toughest one because Fate lore is involved and there are many retellings of the Arthurian legend. Her true identity was kept secret at first, but eventually Morgan informed her after Mordred went to become one of the Knights of the Round Table. She wanted to be the next heir of the crown, but most of all, she wanted to be accepted as Artoria’s son. That didn’t go so well, Mordred’s admiration for the king turned into hatred and started a rebellion, ending up in the both of them killing each other in the end. It’s a sad tale, as Mordred only wanted to be accepted. But the main reason I love Mordred? Her personality. She is extremely prideful and thinks of herself as better than most people. Failure is not possible in her eyes, and with a Berserker-like fighting style, Mordred will stop at nothing. But despite being this way, she is.. well, adorable at the same time. The anime and the summer event made that very clear. I really love Mordred for that reason; she comes off as a prideful badass knight, but she has a softer side that shows every now and then. Mordred has two fighting styles: A Buster-based Saber, and an Arts-based Rider. I’ll only go over Saber for now since that is her main class, but that doesn’t mean Rider is anything to sneeze as. Rider Mordred has some serious, almost broken Noble Phantasm spam potential. Saber Mordred has a QAABB deck with a Buster AoE Noble Phantasm, dealing good overall damage with an additional multiplier to Arthur/Artoria servants as well as charging her own NP gauge. Having the ability to Buster Brave Chain is definitely in her favour, as she has a skill that boosts her own Buster performance. Unfortunately she’s also hit with the curse that is Instinct which, let’s be honest, is a terrible skill to have. Her third skill does slightly make up for it, which removes debuffs, charges her own NP gauge and gives her a defense buff. Overall a solid servant which will do the job she’s meant to do. Mordred spooked me after a serious dry streak of no 4- and 5-star servants, making my affection towards her even bigger.

3. Assassin

Jack the RipperJust when I though I had regained some people their trust, we delve right back into loli territory. Don’t worry, this will be the last time for today. Jack the Ripper is an unique servant who’s inspiration I really like. Yeah, they made a loli out of him to appeal more to the fans, there’s no denying that. However, the reason Jack is a loli is because nobody has truly seen Jack’s true form as a serial murder, so he could basically be anything. But the other reason is that she was born from the resentment of aborted children of prostitutes who were disposed of. As revenge, the collection of emotions went out to murder numerous prostitutes, leading to her being given the name of Jack the Ripper. This is just one interpretation of Jack however, as he could be summoned into many different incarnations because of his lore. Assassin Jack herself doesn’t even know if she’s the true Jack the Ripper. This Jack is a strange existence, coming to live from the wishes of unborn children and not knowing common sense. She has both a pure and cruel personality, leading to heartwarming moments where she just wants to be loved by a mother, to where she kills without hesitation because to her it’s common sense. I like this version of Jack because of how they created her. You could make the argument that they just made her loli because they could but eh, preferences I suppose. And her gameplay counterpart is arguable even better. Her stats aren’t too special, pretty much in the middle for all 5-star Assassins. However, she comes with a QQQAB deck and Quick single-target Noble Phantasm which ignores defense buffs and does extra damage against female enemies. Her deck is what makes Jack special; she is a critical star monster. She generates stars like it’s nothing without the need of outside help. Her skills are solid as well, having a targetable healing skill and a buff remover which also removes critical strength. Finally she can buff her quick performance and give herself evasion for one turn, which is always good to make her brave chain or Noble Phantasm even better. Jack is practically the perfect representation of the Assassin class: a critical star gatherer with a lot of Quick cards. I got Jack myself not too long ago in probably one of the nastiest spooks possible: I was rolling for Cleopatra, got a rainbow effect Assassin card, and suddenly Jack popped up. At that moment I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or not but I certainly am. Rip Cleopatra though..

2. Caster

XuanzangPeople say Merlin is the Grand Caster, but I say nay! Xuanzang Sanzang is my Grand Caster, and I’ll praise her wherever she goes. Xuanzang is a Buddhist priest from China, a key character in the novel A Journey to the West. It is said that she’s the incarnation of the heavenly being Jin Chanzi. Along with her disciples, she travelled the Silk Road in search for scriptures to become the founder of the Chinese Faxiang Buddhist sect. This story is also briefly told in the event she arrived with in Fate/Grand Order which goes under the same name as the novel. But Xuanzang’s personality is probably her main selling point, for me at least it definitely is. Fate has an alignment system for every servant, ranging from lawful good to chaotic evil. It’s not really of big importance as alignment doesn’t really mean someone has an evil or good personality. But for Xuanzang, she is the literal definition of lawful good. Her personality is very upbeat and always cheerful; it is rare to see Xuanzang without a smile on her face. She uses that upbeat personality as a way to encourage and cheer other people or servants up, especially to the weak. But at the same time, Xuanzang is also utterly ditzy. She makes mistakes from time to time, and gives it the usual upbeat twist so that the mistakes end up being more fun than not. And even though she’s so cute that she wouldn’t hurt a fly.. she’s the strongest offensive Caster in the game. She has the highest attack stat of all Casters, and is able to spam her Noble Phantasm multiple times in a row. She has a QAAAB deck with Buster single-target NP that ignores defense and reduces critical attack of the enemy.  Unfortunately she isn’t able to Buster Brave Chain which might be her biggest weakness, but she makes up for it with Arts chains to get that NP again. Her first skill charges her NP up to 80% at max level, as well as increasing her NP damage. The second skill is alright, which focusses all enemies their attacks on herself while she receives less damage, and finally her last skill increases the NP gain of the entire party while also increasing the critical star generation rate and debuff immunity for one turn. I would like to see one of her skills to get a Buster buff in the future, but as she is now she still is a massive nuke that will obliterate enemies. My Xuanzang is grailed to level 100 with all skill to 10. Unfortunately only NP level 1 since RNGesus doesn’t like me to get my favourite characters easily. Also, Ruler Xuanzang when please I need her so desperately.

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