Top 10 Fate Female Servants (2018)

Banner Female Servants

1. Berserker/Lancer

KiyohimeSo who is my favourite female servant, as well as my favourite Fate servant of all time? Well who else could it be than the one who sees me as her favourite master as well, the love obsessed Kiyohime? Originating from the Kiyohime Legend, she’s a Japanese servant who fell in love with the monk Anchin who was travelling towards Kumano. Kiyohime was a honest woman and mentioned her feelings to him, but got rejected. Anchin is kinda dumb. But at least he was honest.. the first time. On his way back he would visit Kiyohime again, but never did. Kiyohime was heartbroken, turned into a dragon and burned him to death while he was hiding in a bell. That last part might sound weird but it describes Kiyohime’s personality very well. She’s a very loving woman who will care for you always. Even if the whole world is against you, she will be there to keep you company. That is, on one condition. The moment you lie to her, you are toast. At best she’ll take away some of your command seals as a warning. Eventually Kiyohime will see you as the incarnation of Anchin through her rose-coloured glasses, and will be completely obsessed with you. In other words, she will not try to make you hers; you are hers, whether you like it or not. But I do, since I really love Kiyohime a lot because of her personality. She comes in two classes: her original Berserker form, and her summer Lancer form. As Berserker her job is farming, with a QABBB deck and Buster AoE Noble Phantasm that does massive damage and can stun. She describes herself as being a weak fighter overall, but the parameters for her Noble Phantasm is EX, the highest possible. She can buff her defense a little to keep her alive for a bit longer, as well as decreasing the opponents defense but as demerit their attack will be increased as well. Finally she can remove her own debuffs and buff her Buster performance. Her Lancer form is more or less the same with skills, but her defensive buff is replaced with a critical attack down skill. Not really a fan of it but alright. This time she has a QQABB deck with Buster single-target Noble Phantasm which also seals the skills of the opponent. Probably the most appealing aspect to Lancer Kiyohime is that she keeps her Madness Enhancement EX passive, meaning that she will always have a 12% Buster buff on her. They are both really strong in their own right; especially mine with regular Kiyohime being level 90 and Lancer almost level 100, both with skills levelled to the max. Unfortunately the Xuanzang curse follows me everywhere and Kiyohime Lancer is only NP2, but next summer I’ll go all out to complete my number one Fate servant.

Like the male counterpart to this list, there are.. quite some honourable mentions. I could easily make a top 11-20 with the amount of great servants Fate has but I’ll restrain myself for now.

  • Okita, who is a really great Saber with a fun personality. Only slightly misses out.
  • Scathach and Cleopatra, also really good servants but refuse to visit me.
  • Brynhildr, also just misses out on the top 10.
  • Martha, great character but only just spooked me so haven’t gotten the chance to use her yet. And Summer Martha also refuses to visit me.

Other servants include Nero, Elizabeth, Artoria and Atalanta. I’m sorry I couldn’t put you all on the list. Do you agree with this list or absolutely hate it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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