Top 5 most DISAPPOINTING 100% Completion Rewards

Banner disappointing 100% completion

I am a completionist, or like some people would say an autist. In my case the latter is true and I’m not really ashamed of it or anything. Because I want everything to be complete and perfect, I often try and go for 100% completion in video games. Only Achievements I tend to skip given how grind-heavy or ridiculous they can be. Like, how does killing a million enemies in a game where you probably only kill a few tens of thousands during the main story count towards completion? Aside from achievements, sometimes games do reward you for going that extra mile and it feels really satisfying. And then there are those games..

Some developers like to applaud your effort for doing everything in the game with the absolute most disappointing reward you can imagine. Sometimes there isn’t even a reward, making you question why you even bothered to do all that effort. I’ve met my fair share of obnoxious rewards, and today I’d like to count down the five completion rewards that have disappointed me the most. Here are the rules I’ve placed for myself:

  • These placings are purely based on how disappointing the reward was, not on the journey itself. That may or may not be a topic for another day. That said however, I will reference the journey as a basis as to why I’ve made my decisions.
  • ”No reward” is purposely kept off this list because it would obviously be number one. I wanted to at least be a little more creative than that.
  • The rewards don’t necessarily have to be taken from a single game, as multiple games share the same completion rewards.

Obvious spoiler warning is obvious, so do keep that in mind when reading this list. Of course, this is strictly my own opinion, but I do encourage you to leave your own down below in the comments! Without further ado, these are the Top 5 most disappointing 100% Completion Rewards!

Hestu's Gift

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