Bet you didn’t see that coming on that once-in-4-years day right? If you still remember me hi! Good to see you here! So yeah, this is going to be a short update post I suppose, but definitely a necessary one since my last post was.. almost a year ago? Oof. But I’ve got a few things to discuss so strap in I suppose!

I have been really busy the past year with work and spoiler alert, I still am. Probably at this point I’m even more busy than ever. That also meant that I had to drop my hobby writing, even though I enjoyed doing it a lot. But after some pondering, looking at others sites and all that stuff, I’ve come up with a decision for now: I’m back!

1. Reviews

I’m going to adapt a new style of writing when it comes to reviewing games. Basically, they’re going to be shorter, and I’ll only be talking about the positives- and negatives that I’ve experienced when going through the game. TL;DR: shorter and straight to the point. I’m starting all over again from scratch, meaning that my previous reviews are not going to be part of the site anymore. But fear not, I have archived them for everyone to see!

The new reviews will still have the personality that I’m striving for. I’m also going to start writing them after I feel like I’m done with a game. In the past I had the tendency to push out articles to keep that ”one review a week” mentality going, but now I’m truly going back to a normal pace to not overwork myself.

For now I’m only focussing on reviews. I’ve kept the old lists still online, but other side-categories like lovestory/hatestory and modding/hacking will take a backburner for now.

2. Community

This is a low-priority project right now, but I’ve been focussing on making Nep’s Gaming Paradise just not my community, but our community. This means that I want other people to be able to promote their creations on my site, discord, steam group or wherever I am. I have no idea how this is going to work with my site, but follow me on Twitter or join my Discord to keep in touch!

3. Other stuff

I’ve tried my hand at Streaming as well. I thought I could do that since I was playing the game anyway, but even that end up taking a lot of effort that I could not deal with because of no time. I’m still trying to do it whenever I can, and probably I’ll use my website to advertise them as well. Who knows.

So yeah like I said, it’s a very short update. I’m sorry I’ve been away for almost a whole year without any word from me. I hope that, with my new mindset, I can prove to be a more consistent writer than I was before, while still keeping the same quality! Thank you very much for sticking around, and hopefully this means a new start to Nep’s Gaming Paradise!


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