Introducing: The WordPress Gaming Club!

Wordpress Gaming Club Banner

Wasn’t I just talking about implementing the Game Club on my website yesterday? I think I was, but I didn’t expect to launch it the day after! Actually I was just taking a shower, and being under the shower gives me galaxy brain ideas. Anyhow… back on topic before I spoil more ideas.

Hey all, Neppy here with the introduction of the WordPress Gaming Club™️! What is the WordPress Gaming Club you ask, and how many times can I use the WordPress Gaming Club in one sentence? The answer to the latter question is two, but the answer to the former: it is a friendly competition where WordPress users compete with each other for the most points on a leaderboard for a single month! So how does this work?

Every month has one or more genres, and also a single theme. If you beat any game this month, you get 1 point for each. If the game is part of the genre or theme, you get 2 points for each. But since we’re on WordPress, here’s the best part! If you write an article on a game or something else from this genre or theme (not necessary to have beaten that what you want to write about this month), you get 3 points! This means that if you beat a game from this genre and write an article, you’re eligible for a total of 5 points! Isn’t that super-duper impressive????? Furthermore, every week on Sunday (depending on activity), I will give a status update on the WordPress Gaming Club where I will share who has beaten what game, but also the articles made by said users. That way, the WordPress Gaming Club can also be used for promoting your articles with fellow members of the club!

There are almost no rules attached to this either. Whenever you have beaten a game, you can post it in the comments of the main thread (this current thread will be for June 2020) OR ideally on the forum which has a thread dedicated to it. When it comes to beating a game, I have no way of checking if you truly have and I won’t either; this is just a friendly competition and I’m a firm believer that we all have good sportsmanship. If you do have a screenshot, it’s always welcome of course! The forum can furthermore be used to chat with fellow members, and also ask for recommendations!

Are there prizes attached to the WordPress Gaming Club competition? As of right now, no. It is just a friendly competition with article promotion being the only thing I can offer right now. Of course, if you do have suggestions for prizes or anything else regarding the club you can always let me know, I’m definitely interested in hearing them!

The themes for June 2020 will be:

Genres: The genres for this month will be any shooter games, which include First-Person, Third-Person, Top-Down and more. Shoot-m-ups are also eligible for bonus points!
Themes: As the pandemic is unfortunately still going strong, I want to take this time to pay homage to all our hard working doctors and nurses. Therefore, if you beat a game where you can play- or play against a nurse/doctor or healer class (RPGs), you get a bonus point!

And that’s all I’ve wanted to say basically! I’ve been doing this on my Discord server for a year now (without the WordPress articles) and so far it has been a good success. People truly felt motivated to beat their backlog despite there not being a prize involved. Beating games is fun, especially when you have a goal to work towards! If there are any questions, you can of course ask me and I’ll respond to you as well as put them into this introduction thread for further clarification for other WordPress Gaming Club members!


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