Interviews with Bloggers #2: Neppy (NepsGamingParadise)

I have been interviewed by the great Jacob for Books and Pixels! Be sure to check it out here, and pay him a visit as well as he posts a lot of good articles about books and video games!

Books and Pixels

The Interview

Tell me about yourself.

Hello Jacob and everyone reading this, Neppy here! I’ve been a writer on WordPress for almost one and a half year now, but I took a long hiatus in-between due to work and other happenings so basically one year effective. As seen by my name, my blog exclusively consists of video games at the moment. I’ve been gaming ever since I was about three years old, and have basically never stopped ever since then. I’m currently 24 years old, and I also learned pretty recently that I have an unhealthy addiction to video game collecting! Oh well, I’m still enjoying it~. Nice to meet you all!

Where are you from?

I’m from the Netherlands! I was born here as well and have been living in the same backwater town for my entire life now, though I do have plans to move closer to my…

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