Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Saber servants!

FGO Saber Tierlist Banner

Hello there and welcome to the week of Fate/Grand Order Tierlists! This week the Japanese version is celebrating their 5th anniversary and since I can’t escape this hell, I thought it would be a nice idea to share my appreciation for the game and make a tier list for all of my favourite servants! Today’s subject will be the Saber class, which is probably the most well-known class as it was the initial main domain of the poster-girl of the series, Artoria Pendragon. I personally love swords a lot so this class is made for me, though there aren’t many stand-out servants in this class for me. The ones that do stand out however, are some of my favourites!

The rules for this tier list are:

  1. These tier lists are strictly my personal opinion and are not only based on how good they are in-game. I rank them based on how much I like their character, design, how fun they are to play with as a unit etc.
  2. I will talk about every servant independently, and will also mention how good they are in-game just for the people interested. I won’t talk about the personality/character of Event servants, as I’ll reserve them for their main class.
  3. The tiers themselves are not ordered by how much I like them.
  4. Their placement is based on how much I like them compared to others in the same class. This means that being in neutral does not mean they’re bad at all!
  5. I am also ranking servants from the Japanese version on here, but their placement might change in the future once I get to know them better.
  6. I will spoil the names of servants, though they aren’t really a secret anymore. You have been warned though.
  7. Since I will be using the same terms quite a lot, I’m using the following abbrevations:
    1. Noble Phantasm = NP
    2. Single Target  = ST
    3. Area of Effect = AoE
    4. Delight Works (developers of the game) = DW
    5. Japanese version = JP
    6. North-American version = NA

Without further ado, let’s get on with the tierlist! Click any of the links below to go to their tier, select a page or go to the very end to see the complete tierlist!

Gilles Tier

Meh Tier

Neutral Tier

Like Tier

Love Tier

Complete Tierlist


  • Hi! Just found this from one of those “more on WordPress” recommendations. It’s kinda cool to see a tierlist that’s shamelessly about personal preferences and not gameplay/meta. My top three favorite sabers are Suzuka (bond 10 and max grailed), Okita, and Fran. Beyond them, I’m pretty lukewarm to the rest of the class, though I suspect I’d like Mordred a lot more if I actually had her; she’s been hanging out around the edges of my wishlist for a long time and her story appearances are always fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading! My preference was indeed to talk about how much I like the servants as characters and how fun they are to play, and not talk about the ever-changing meta too much. This tierlist was originally made before Japan announced their anniversary servant which shifted the meta around quite a lot. I also don’t care too much about how good a servant is, since in general FGO is not too difficult a game with a select few exceptions. Therefore, how much I like a character- or how fun they are to play with is more important to me!

      I think I feel the same way you feel about Mordred, but then for Suzuka. I very rarely user her due to the other options I already have, and I would probably warm up to her a bit more if I did use her more often. Okita and Fran are definitely some of my favourites though, and I use them quite frequently!


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