Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Archer servants!

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Meh Tier

FGO Archer Meh Tier

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Ishtar – I’m not necessarily the biggest Rin Tohsaka fan, but I don’t dislike her either. I’m not really a fan of Ishtar though. The tsundere traits of Rin are still there, together with a superiority complex and just being useless overall. I do like my tsunderes (Shana from Shakugan no Shana is one of my favourite anime characters after all), but Ishtar doesn’t do it for me. That said however, her design is still good and I love her final ascension art. And despite being useless in the story, she’s actually one of the strongest farming Archers in the game. A charisma combined with a critical damage buff, a delayed attack buff with a low cooldown and a 50% NP battery that ALSO provides invincibility + ignore invincibility. Her NP also gives a buster buff right before she attacks, so to say Ishtar can dish out a lot of damage is an understatement. If only I liked her more, then she would be way higher on the tier list.

Nikola Tesla – Master of AC is also someone I certainly don’t dislike. I find it quite funny actually that they made a modern inventor into a current-age ”god” because indeed, Tesla has definitely left a lot of impact on the world. His quarrels with Thomas Edison are also pretty fun–although that’s basically all that happens whenever we see them in the story and it sort-of overstays its welcome. Out of the meh tier, I like him the most but compared to the other servants in the class, I just like him a bit less. It’s probably his design or something. He’s a pretty nice farming Archer as well, having a damage multiplier against quite a lot of servants. He’s story locked though, so getting him will be a bit tougher.

Tristan – Despacito is… just there for me. I don’t really have an opinion on him as a character; he’s literally just there. I like his memes with him looking sad and all and his design overall is good, but that’s it. He’s actually a pretty good Archer as well, being one of the fewer Archer servants that focusses on debuffing enemies and lowering their resistance. I don’t use him a lot (read: never) because he is story locked and yet to visit my Chaldea so that may explain why I don’t really care for him too much at this point in time.

Tawara Touta – Riceguy is in the same boat as Tristan whereas I just don’t really have an opinion on him. He’s not a bad character at all and it’s funny how he throws rice bags as a weapon at enemies, but I don’t feel anything else towards him. He is a solid 3* with a niche against demonic enemies though, but the Archer class is filled with solid 3* servants so he doesn’t really stand out there either. Hopefully the Camelot movies will give him more deserved screentime because I do remember him being a good character there as well. Unfortunately for him, there are just a lot of other Archers I like more.

Calamity Jane – Calamity. Jane. Whenever I hear that name, I think back on the wild west where she wasn’t necessarily an outlaw, but she still took disaster as her second name. And then they turned her into a cheerleader. Now, this isn’t necessarily inaccurate to her lore, but it’s still somewhat disappointing to me. I expected a more tough- and rowdy woman but oh well, what happened, happened. At least she has the voice of Karen “Ayaya” Kujou which is somewhat redeeming. I can’t really speak for her character because I can’t read Japanese, but I do usually like cheerful characters such as the beforementioned Karen so who knows? She does have a unique skill set so I’m probably going to get her regardless and give her a fair shot. Hah, fair shot.

Sei Shonagon – I really don’t like Virtual Youtubers. Unpopular opinion perhaps, but I find them to be annoying with their super high-pitched voices. And what do you know, they’ve actually brought one into Fate/Grand Order! Sei Shonagon is literally a Virtual Youtuber and you can’t change my mind. Apparently that was intended though, as according to the designer, Sei was always somewhat of a trendsetter in her age. That’s cool and all, but eh. I will give her credit for launching an ”artistic movement” with her NP pose that caused a lot of fan-art, but I really couldn’t care less for her otherwise. For gameplay she’s pretty alright I guess? She has a lot of multipliers on her NP and her skills made both for damage and NP gain, though I don’t believe she can actually loop with the Skadi system.

Emiya Alter – Edgy Emiya… why does he exist again? Not to offend people who do like him of course, but I’m genuinely curious. What did ever happen to Emiya for him to move to Detroit? Apparently Fate/Extra CCC has a direct cause for this transformation but I wouldn’t know since it is, yet again, Japanese exclusive. But yeah, his personality is so edgy it hurts and so is his design. I really don’t like him. Gameplay-wise he’s pretty alright though, mostly the same as regular Emiya but ST and less crit-focussed. He’s story locked though, so you’ll have to wait for an actual rate-up to get a chance for him.


  • One of my two favorite classes along with assassins, and I have three grailed archers. Arash got one grail because he’s awesome and deserves it, Atalanta got two, and Fujino needs one more for level 100. She was my favorite character from KnK so I was always going to roll hard for her as soon as her banner came up. Also a fan of Tomoe (I tend to like all the oni characters besides Raikou) and Euryale, and I agree with your writeup on Euryale’s personality; it’s part of what makes her so interesting.

    Arjuna tier…LOL. Never really paid any attention to him myself, because I don’t have him and he’s never interested me either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed! When it comes to the Archer class; If there are good servants, they are most of the time really good and stand out amongst their own class. Even though Nobu is my favourite, I have very often considered giving my grails to other members in the Love tier, or even some in the Like tier such as Atalante, Helena and Tomoe. My personal favourite class is the Lancer class, but Archer isn’t far behind!


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