Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Archer servants!

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Neutral Tier

FGO Archer Neutral Tier

(From left to right)

Asagami Fujino – Another beloved character from Type-Moon’s Kara no Kyoukai, who has the same powers as Uri Geller but instead uses them on bridges. It’s tough to really describe her character for me as she didn’t get a single story event with the Kara no Kyoukai re-run, but I do really like her design and voice actor. She also has one of my favourite Noble Phantasms in the Arcade version of FGO. As for gameplay, she’s a very fun ST Buster Archer that exclusively focuses on buffing herself, which she is very good at. She’s definitely one of the better ST Archers in the game, but unfortunately she’s also one of the rarest servants in the whole game. She only came during the Kara no Kyoukai re-run, and has never been seen ever again. So if you’re playing the NA version and think after reading this tier list that you absolutely need her… I’m so sorry.

Napoleon Bonaparte – The Bara fandom has never been the same again after the day Napoleon announced his arrival. The girls are absolutely in love with this bulky huge beast who wasn’t really that big in real life but hey, his appearance worked for a lot of people. I obviously am not in love with Napoleon, though I do enjoy his character. He’s this super overconfident womanizer–who clearly has the right to be one given the number of fans he has. But he’s confident about himself as a whole because he will directly respond to people’s desires and make them possible. As for gameplay, he’s an excellent farming servant that can buff himself very well, and his NP deals extra damage again Divine… enemies… Hey, that’s Nobu’s niche, give that back!

Chiron – The wise mentor of Greek heroes is exactly what he was in real life: a teacher figure. An overall well-written character; not necessarily one that appeals to me hence why he’s in neutral, but a good character regardless. His teacher-like characteristics funnily enough translate well into his skillset as an Archer. He does have a ST NP, but most of the time Chiron is used as a support due to not only being able to buff critical strength, but also all cards at the same time in one skill. This is usually reserved for servants in the Caster class (read: Helena Blavatsky), but Chiron is a very good alternative to use.

Gilgamesh – The strongest servant himself appears in FGO as well, and not as a villain this time. I can’t stress enough how awesome he was in both Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night, where he truly asserted dominance. His Archer self doesn’t appear in the main story of FGO a lot but when he does, he’s sure to let you know that he’s the strongest of them all. He’s actually very close to the like tier, but I like the ones in that tier just a bit more. As for his gameplay; he’s one of the older servants, but he has only needed a minimal amount of buffs to still be one of the best farming Archers in the game. His NP does extra damage to almost everyone in the game, and he can get that NP pretty quickly as well thanks to an NP Gain and NP Battery skill. Still surprised me how he’s not a Grand servant in any class though.

Emiya – From the strongest servant to the faker, we have the future version of Shirou. I must say that I really like the concept of a hero from the future that technically should not exist yet, but the writers of the original Fate/Stay Night handled it very well. In the FGO-verse though, he has mostly been reduced to the cook of Chaldea who sometimes appears in events. This is of course very much understandable as the Fate/Stay Night plot never really happened in this alternate universe, which leaves him as just a Fate character from another media. Maybe we’ll see him return someday now that Muramasa is a thing? Anyway, he was actually my first 4* servant so I used him in-game quite often during the early months of the game. His skillset then was a bit weird, but he’s a pretty good servant now overall. I normally don’t pick him since I have many better options, but he’s still not bad to use at all. Ninja edit: Not only did Emiya get buffed during Anniversary that allows him to change his NP card to Arts for one turn, but Caster Artoria now also exists. It’s by no means ideal, but he can technically 3 turn farm now since the refund on his Arts NP is very high.

David – A prime candidate for ”I’m an Archer but only my NP is an actual Archer weapon”, David is an unsuccessful womanizer who can’t shut up about Abishag. I like his character though, and his design (especially his final ascension) is good as well. I do wish he was slightly more relevant in the story though, especially with his relationship to a particular important character in the story. As for gameplay, here we have the first of the three superb 3* Archers. He is most popular for his second skill which heals the entire party however slightly, but also removes mental debuffs and provides a free evade. The other skills focus on both survival- and offence while his ST NP does great damage overall that ignores evasion, making him a great all-round servant and a nice F2P alternative. Ninja edit: They gave David a very nice buff against Giant enemies on his NP, which is accurate to his lore and also very good overall.

Artoria Pendragon – I’ve already talked about Artoria in the Saber tierlist so I won’t talk much about her character here, though I would like to address how much fun she was during the summer event. This is mostly because she was paired with Mordred, and it’s one of the few non-serious interactions that we see between them. Artoria literally ignores- or brushes off anything Mordred says to her, and these moments just had me constantly laughing. Soo… thanks Artoria! Not to mention her gameplay, as she truly is excellent with how she can easily spam her ST NP without outside help, especially if she’s alone since the Arts cards have a ridiculous NP gain rate. Very good- and fun servant to use!

Robin Hood – The second of the three superb 3* archers, this imprecation of Robin Hood is the chivalrous thief from Sherwood Forest. He’s one of those heroes you hear a lot about in stories- or games, and therefore also one I’m very similar with and happy to see in-game. He does appear less heroic than the tales make him out to be and instead more rebellious, but I still like what they’ve done with him. He’s also one of those servants that appear in a serious amount of events so if you like him, expect to see him a lot. I especially don’t mind it if he also has a bonus during these events though, since he is a seriously good 3* servant. He has an NP gain skill and also an evade which provides critical stars too, but his main attraction is his first skill–or rather, the result of the first skill. It’s an attack debuff on enemies + poison which doesn’t sound too impressive on its own, but Robin’s NP deals a massive amount of damage to enemies that are poisoned. And with that, I truly mean massive, even without buffs. If you don’t have a good ST Archer yet, Robin is one of the best F2P options out there.

Florence Nightingale – I won’t talk about her personality as we don’t have her yet in FGO NA, but also because I’ll address her more during the Berserker tierlist. I do find it incredibly funny that they’ve basically turned her into Mary Poppins though. She is a pretty decent welfare servant overall that focuses mostly on removing enemy buffs and cleansing party members, as well as preventing buff removal. She definitely can be beneficial in specific challenge quests, so definitely a servant worth picking up!

Osakabehime – Yet again an event servant so I won’t talk about her personality here. I will mention her animations though which are very enjoyable to watch, especially her NP. That NP is what I believe to be her main appeal as well, as it has a bonus effect that increases the buster performance and critical damage of all allies by quite a good amount, but she can also boost both of them separately with skills. She can have a lot of buffs solely aimed at damage just with her own performance, and that is pretty nice. Still wondering why a NEET is outside in a swimsuit though.

Ashwatthama – I can’t speak much for his character since he isn’t in NA yet, though I believe I already know quite a lot about him just from watching his animations and his voice. He’s a Berserker… except that he isn’t a Berserker. I don’t know much else about him, but so far he does sound at the very least appealing. So does his gameplay, as he sounds like an excelling ST Archer. He has a similar NP to Anne Bonny & Mary Read where he does more damage the lower his NP, but also removes all defensive buffs of enemies. If that wasn’t enough, he can buff both his Buster- and Quick cards in separate skills, which both also come with an additional effect that triggers when attacking an enemy with said cards. I can’t judge much on him yet, but he does sound like a good servant all-round.

William Tell – Yet another servant that I can’t really say too much about because he comes from the same Lostbelt as Ashwatthama does. My opinion on him is also pretty much the same as Ashwatthama; I like his voice and animations. Oh, and he totally isn’t a Metal Gear reference. As for gameplay, he does look like a nice crit Arts archer that also has a decent NP gain. His NP also has the unique niche to not only ignored evasion, but also to absolutely punish enemies for even thinking of having evasion by doing extra damage against them. Quite a solid servant from the looks of it, but I’d have to try him out to give a definite opinion on him.


  • One of my two favorite classes along with assassins, and I have three grailed archers. Arash got one grail because he’s awesome and deserves it, Atalanta got two, and Fujino needs one more for level 100. She was my favorite character from KnK so I was always going to roll hard for her as soon as her banner came up. Also a fan of Tomoe (I tend to like all the oni characters besides Raikou) and Euryale, and I agree with your writeup on Euryale’s personality; it’s part of what makes her so interesting.

    Arjuna tier…LOL. Never really paid any attention to him myself, because I don’t have him and he’s never interested me either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed! When it comes to the Archer class; If there are good servants, they are most of the time really good and stand out amongst their own class. Even though Nobu is my favourite, I have very often considered giving my grails to other members in the Love tier, or even some in the Like tier such as Atalante, Helena and Tomoe. My personal favourite class is the Lancer class, but Archer isn’t far behind!


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