Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Archer servants!

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Like Tier

FGO Archer Like Tier

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Atalante – Not yet an angry cat but still angry enough, Atalante is one of the first servants introduced in the game and funnily enough also still one of the better Quick loopers thanks to Skadi. What’s best about her is her noble wish to have all children grow up with love, though it comes at the cost of being rather heartless towards anyone who isn’t a child. That’s also part of why she isn’t in the love tier, as I do like everything else about her. Especially her design is good, and so is her voice actor. I’ve only recently got my first copy of her through a guaranteed 4* ticket, but so far I’m more than happy with how she plays. A massive team-wide Quick buff, crit star gather rate and NP gain skills are all that are necessary for a servant such as this, and she executes all three of them very well.

Tomoe Gozen – Gaming Archer is also a servant that is just very appealing to look at. I’m a sucker for silver hair so I’m probably biased here, but she really does look good and that’s also most of the reason she’s this high up the tierlist alongside her gamer nature. She is a nice character overall though, sharing a similar view on life- and death as Atalante does but a bit more kind to everyone. As for gameplay, we have another excellent 4* ST Buster-focussed Archer here that can land a bunch of juicy crits. She’s pretty well-balanced in that regard, as she doesn’t really stand out from others but is also definitely not worse than others.

Billy the Kid – The bandit king of the wild west also appears in the like tier. Great design, nice voice actor and just a fun character all-round. His dialect matches his rowdy behaviour, but he’s definitely someone you can rely on. He does desperately need a buff though. He is really good when he’s critting but when he isn’t, his damage drops significantly. His major crit buff also only lasts one turn, while a nerfed one on his third skill lasts three turns but is far weaker. A Quick buff definitely wouldn’t hurt at all. Still, I find him very fun to use and he has a 50% NP Battery which is very welcome on a non-Caster 3* servant.

Orion (Artemis) – My first ever 5* Archer and the one that has carried me through a lot of early-game content, Artemis is a servant who shouldn’t be able to be summoned, but lowered her divinity and decided to tag along with Orion’s spirit origin. The ”Orion-side” of this servant is actually the tiny teddybear resting on Artemis’ head. Being two-servants-in-one definitely benefits their character, as the quarrel between the two is always fun to watch. Orion is quite the womanizer, but Artemis ain’t having nothing of that. They’re all around pretty solid, functioning well as a tank but also as a man-killer. It’s both good- and bad that this is a skill and not something automatically in their NP like with Euryale, but that also means they can use it outside of their NP and land some very juicy normal hits on an enemy. Good servant overall… just wish they didn’t spook me 3 times while I still need so many other Archers and 5* servants.

Orion – Orion decided to ditch his girlfriend and become a servant with his own spirit origin, while also becoming the first-known Grand Archer. What an upgrade huh. I can’t really speak much for his personality since he’s currently only in JP, but I can’t imagine him being that much different from what we know about him. He just doesn’t act like a big bro this time, but also looks like one. Gameplay-wise… hoo boy. I don’t know if I would call him broken since he doesn’t have any game-breaking skills, but his skills are all designed for him to completely nuke an enemy in a single turn. His third skill will increase his critical damage by 100% for every attack he does with a Buster card for 3 times total, meaning that his final attack of that turn will have a 300% crit multiplier. To translate this into layman’s terms: every single buster attack of his becomes a miniature NP, and this is without being buffed by other servants. He truly deserves that Grand status.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read – As they are swimsuit versions, I won’t go too much into the personality of yuri pirates. Let’s just say that they’re slightly more obvious with how they feel about master and keep it at that, especially with their valentines CE which is… very suggestive to say the least. Their character, design and voices are most of the reason why they’re up this high, but they’re also very fun to use gameplay-wise. They don’t differ too much from their Rider counterpart, but they’re buster-oriented and also more focussed on attack buffs instead of crit buffs. Unlike their Rider counterpart though, they have a guts which is highly beneficial for their NP since it does more damage the lower their NP. A lot of 4* Archers outclass them due to their skillsets, but I still use them very often.

James Moriarty – Evil professor is the charming rival of Sherlock Holmes. I don’t know what it is with this man, but I do quite like him in FGO. Maybe it’s his always scheming nature, or the fact that he is also often used as a funny insert character. Can’t really put my finger on it, but I like him. Must be that he has a good design- and voice as well. I can’t really speak too much for how he plays though, as I don’t own him and neither does many people on my friends list. I believe he’s a pretty solid ST Buster Archer though, with a nice niche to buff evil servants, or even give them the evil alignment as a status in the future. This man is just going to make the entirety of Chaldea into evil villains huh.

Helena Blavatsky – Yet again a summer servant, so I won’t talk too much about her personality which isn’t too different from her Caster counterpart anyway. As for her summer version… can I get away with calling her pretty hot? I mean, she’s technically not underage as she uses magecraft to make herself look younger than she actually is. So I can get away with it without the FBI taking me away right? …right? Thank you for agreeing with me. Her Archer version isn’t really talked about a lot, but I like using her. Having an Arts AoE NP is always useful and there literally is just one other Archer with such an NP in this class. And she also has the Party NP battery from her Caster form which is always a good skill to have, no matter who the servant is. Ninja edit: But Caster Artoria exists now soo… Helena meta!

Attila the Santa – I’ve already talked about her Saber version, but her Santa version is just so much better personality-wise if you ask me. I mean, it’s basically her Learning with Manga character but just slightly more serious and acting like an actual Santa. She’s actually a very good hybrid of a support and offensive servant as well, since two of her skills are targetable and both focus on NP and Crit damage. She can give anyone a 20% NP battery and that is pretty nice. Oh, and her NP is funny too with all the sheep.

Jeanne ‘d Arc – Same story, the Jeanne here is a summer servant. What I can add to her character though, is that she acts a lot less saint-like than her OG self. It’s actually quite funny in the story because her alter summer version is actually the ”tame” one. I really do like her summer version though; she uses dolphins as weapons and has a… weird magical girl-looking final ascension. Her animations and NP are unsurprisingly also tons of fun, and she’s a very good Archer. She’s the other Arts AoE Archer and one that can loop very well, which Helena unfortunately lacks.

Arash – Is Arash mainly this high because of his gameplay? Yes and no. I do still like his character as he’s a good fellow and someone you can always rely on, but I can’t help but like him more than other servants due to me using him a lot in FGO. He’s the infamous suicide bomber of FGO; using his NP will kill himself but instead of people crying “Nooooo Arash ;_;”, people are happy because he makes farming that much easier without the need for specific support characters or a mystic code. And he’s a 1*, so literally the easiest servant to get. I won’t deny that he’s on the border of being on the neutral tier but I digress; he’s still a good character, and the Camelot movies will once again prove that.


  • One of my two favorite classes along with assassins, and I have three grailed archers. Arash got one grail because he’s awesome and deserves it, Atalanta got two, and Fujino needs one more for level 100. She was my favorite character from KnK so I was always going to roll hard for her as soon as her banner came up. Also a fan of Tomoe (I tend to like all the oni characters besides Raikou) and Euryale, and I agree with your writeup on Euryale’s personality; it’s part of what makes her so interesting.

    Arjuna tier…LOL. Never really paid any attention to him myself, because I don’t have him and he’s never interested me either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed! When it comes to the Archer class; If there are good servants, they are most of the time really good and stand out amongst their own class. Even though Nobu is my favourite, I have very often considered giving my grails to other members in the Love tier, or even some in the Like tier such as Atalante, Helena and Tomoe. My personal favourite class is the Lancer class, but Archer isn’t far behind!


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