Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Archer servants!

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Love Tier

FGO Archer Love Tier

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Oda Nobunaga – My favourite Archer in all of FGO, chuunibyou Demon King is one of the main protagonists of Gudaguda. As described with Okita last time, Gudaguda servants are basically 60% serious and 40% a meme. I find it especially funny with Nobu as well because she’s 40% acting all ”edgy” and delusional on being a demon king… and 60% of her is an actual demon king. I just really love everything about Nobu; her design is awesome and epic, I absolutely love her voice actress (which also voices anime characters such as Shana and Taiga Aisaka), and she’s just a really funny servant overall. Unfortunately she is far from the best Archers in the game–scratch that, she’s near the lower half, and is definitely in need of a buff. What Nobu does excel at on the other hand, is absolutely destroying divine enemies, servants with the Riding trait or both at once (cough Minamoto no Raikou cough). Her other forms also have this benefit and since there are a serious amount of divine enemies in the Lostbelt chapters, it’s time for my level 100 Nobu to shine!

Chloe von Einzbern – The first heroine of the three FBI bait, tanned Illya is also one of my favourite archers. I’ve gone on record before that I may or may not be a lolicon (I won’t answer that question by the way), but I do genuinely like Chloe a lot. That teasing nature of her and the comparison to a succubus is not without reason. Still, she’s a reliable older sister when push comes to shove. She’s also an excellent welfare servant, one of the best in the game actually. She is a ST Arts Archer who can loop reliably well, even on her own but it depends mostly on what cards she can use after her NP. She can also provide herself with a buff for all cards, critical performance and a whopping 50% NP battery. Best of all, she’s free! You can also pair her up with Illya because she can give her specifically a buff success increase, but the chance of the FBI knocking your door will also increase.

Child Gilgamesh – From one FBI bait to the other, the child version of Gilgamesh is my favourite interpretation of him. If anyone didn’t take me for a shota/lolicon yet, I’ve practically ruined it now. In my defence though, it’s also because this version of Gilgamesh is almost the complete opposite of his adult self. There is no arrogancy or superiority to find here, just a sweet innocent boy that everyone loves. I do love the moments where his older personality suddenly does show though; after all, he’s still Gil. Unfortunately he isn’t the best gameplay-wise–still good, but he’s in desperate need of a buff. His skills were good at the time, but haven’t been updated since. An attack- or buster buff would certainly help him out a lot. Still, he’s mostly on here because I like his character- and looks, and he’s still a decent farming Archer.

Euryale – Gawain’s worst nightmare is someone who proved that 3* servants can indeed be better than some 4* and 5* servants in different situations. Euryale is the final Archer of the three superb 3* servants, and arguably also the best. She got a very solid skillset focussed on sucking enemies their NP charge for herself, as well as increasing her own Arts performance for 3 turns. What’s most important about Euryale however, is that she destroys all men just like Artemis does, but it’s part of her NP. The damage actually scales with her NP level as well and since she’s a 3*, this is very easy to get to NP5. As for her character though; I really like her character, but it’s not for everyone. She can act all cute and ideal and that’s mostly how we see her, but deep down she’s a massive sadist who wants to see nothing more than her master suffering. She’s kind of a b*tch actually but eh, I love her.

Paris – Though I don’t know too much about Paris yet due to him not being in the NA version, I’ve looked up a bit of him because I absolutely love his design, animations and voice. As expected, he’s very much an adorable little boy–not that he really was in his actual lore, but we have to thank Apollo for turning him into a shota. That’s a god to my heart. Regarding gameplay: his niche is actually pretty similar to Robin’s where he does extra damage to an enemy with a status only he can inflict, but his skillset is slightly more defensive. He is very much a Quick-based servant though, so crits are also where he shines. From what I can gather he’s pretty good for a low rarity, and he’ll definitely be someone that I’m going to prioritize whenever he comes!


  • One of my two favorite classes along with assassins, and I have three grailed archers. Arash got one grail because he’s awesome and deserves it, Atalanta got two, and Fujino needs one more for level 100. She was my favorite character from KnK so I was always going to roll hard for her as soon as her banner came up. Also a fan of Tomoe (I tend to like all the oni characters besides Raikou) and Euryale, and I agree with your writeup on Euryale’s personality; it’s part of what makes her so interesting.

    Arjuna tier…LOL. Never really paid any attention to him myself, because I don’t have him and he’s never interested me either.

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    • Agreed! When it comes to the Archer class; If there are good servants, they are most of the time really good and stand out amongst their own class. Even though Nobu is my favourite, I have very often considered giving my grails to other members in the Love tier, or even some in the Like tier such as Atalante, Helena and Tomoe. My personal favourite class is the Lancer class, but Archer isn’t far behind!


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