Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Lancer servants!

FGO Lancer Tierlist Banner

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Dislike Tier

FGO Lancer Dislike Tier

Minamoto no Raikou and Ibaraki Douji – They’re both summer servants so I won’t go into their personality too much, but both their character- and design are why they’re both down this low. I really don’t like them. Which contradicts how they play since the both of them are actually excellent 4* ST Buster Lancers, possible even amongst the best Lancer servants of their rarity. They’re actually pretty similar in gameplay as well, though I’d say Raikou is slightly better because she has a targetable 40% Buster Buff that lasts 3 turns. I hate to admit that I use them in-game quite frequently, but I’d be missing out if I didn’t.

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