Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Rider servants!

FGO Rider Tierlist Banner

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Horse Tier

FGO Rider Horse Tier

Red Hare – I have to put someone in the bottom tier right? I kind of like the idea of Lu Bu’s horse becoming a servant since he is one of the more famous horses out there, and apparently he’s a mix of both the horse and Lu Bu himself, but… he’s still a horse. I won’t deny that these tierlists are also sort of ”hot or not” lists, and I’m definitely not interested in a horse. Can’t really speak too much for his character though, since he’s in a Lostbelt we’re yet to receive in NA. He’s a surprisingly decent servant to use however, being both Quick- and Crit-focused with his skillset and passives. His skills almost all only last for 3 attacks, but the cooldowns are relatively low as compromise. I’ll roll him for completionist sake, but I’m not expecting to use him however. Being decent in the Rider class just means that he’s outclassed by a serious amount of servants.

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