Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Rider servants!

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Meh Tier

FGO Rider Meh Tier

(From left to right)

Christopher Columbus – Columbus is probably one of the most obviously evil servants in the game. He won’t hesitate to admit that he views everyone and everything as a tool for his own benefit. This slightly caught me by surprise as Columbus is usually praised for his discovery of America–even though he wasn’t the real first person to do so. Then again, maybe that’s where Columbus Lily comes in someday as the artist has already made a lot of fanart regarding that currently non-existent servant. Can I also mention how hilarious his facial expressions are thanks to his artist? I don’t really dislike Columbus, but he is made to be a hateable servant so that makes his placement a bit complicated. He’s a pretty nice servant to use with an AoE Buster NP that can be buffed quite well by his skills, but he’s story-locked and not too different from other AoE Riders so I don’t really use him often. I only have him NP1, while I could use other pirate servants that pretty much do the same.

Ishtar – I’ve already shared why I don’t like Ishtar in the Archer tierlist and since this is a summer servant, I won’t go over her personality. Let’s just say that she’s more useless than ever as she organizes an event to get her bull back, just for it to fail. But like her Archer counterpart, she’s not useless in battle. She can boost the Buster- and Quick effectiveness of the entire party for 3 turns alongside a nice NP generation buff, boost her own crit damage that also comes with an evade, and she also has access to a buff very similar to that of Tamamo Lancer; very nice buffs for 1 turn, with a stun the next turn as a demerit. Furthermore, having access to a Quick AoE NP can never hurt.

Edward Teach – I really have no idea what to think of Blackbeard. He’s one of the most famous pirates ever, yet they’ve turned him into a complete joke. He’s the worst kind of weeb who openly shares his fetishes, and FGO has a habit of using him in every. single. event. I don’t think he’s bad enough to actually dislike, but I’m also disappointed in seeing the one- and only Blackbeard being degraded into a joke. He’s a pretty decent servant and as stated before, he’s not too different from other pirate servants. He does have a unique niche where he can actually be a nice healing support for female servants but other than that, he’s pretty straightforward.

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