Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Rider servants!

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Neutral Tier

FGO Rider Neutral Tier

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Marie-Antoinette – Princess Marie is a very adorable servant. I can’t help but smile every time she gets on screen with her ”VIVA LA FRANCE” or ”WAZZUP HOMIES”. Furthermore, she also has a nice design. Though for me it’s a weird case where I actually liked her old in-game sprite more than her new one. Oh well, at least she doesn’t attack with a ball of light anymore. I don’t really use her often however. She’s not bad at all don’t get me wrong, but she is more of a tank than a DPS servant with two healing skills and invulnerability that lasts 3 attacks. That said though, I do believe Marie is one of the better servants for farming due to her working well with the Skadi system. I haven’t tried this out yet personally, but I definitely will try in the future as mine is NP4!

Ushiwakamaru – Incest tengu dresses as a summer servant but isn’t one–at least, not in her Rider form. Ushikawamaru was one of the promotional servants for the game, and what a nice way to advertise the game. I like her design and character a lot, but just barely not enough to get into the like tier. Blame the other servants that are up there. In-game, she’s an excellent ST Quick servant with an NP that will absolutely destroy anyone. Both her passive and a skill boost her Quick performance, so she doesn’t even need outside help to do a lot of damage. I should really use her more though, which will probably be the thing that breaks the like barrier and makes her go up there. Oh well, maybe next time~

Medb – Queen of Thots is a rider not because she rides an animal- or vehicle, but men. Yeahhh this is going to get NSFW, but that’s literally all that Medb’s character is: she’s a thot, and proud to be one. Her wish to the grail? For all men of the world to be her of course! Her NP is literally throwing someone into her chariot and… well, let your imagination do the job. Heck, she caused the biggest war ever in the Ulster cycle, just because there was one man who rejected her and she couldn’t deal with it. To be fair… I honestly can’t help but like Medb because she happily declares herself how lewd she is. Oh, and she has a great design of course. As you probably can imagine, her gameplay revolves around helping male allies, and killing male enemies. Her charisma gives extra attack to male allies, while her charm only works on male enemies and her NP does more damage against male enemies. She truly lives up to her title huh?

Georgios – Everyone’s favourite tank plays exactly how he sounds like. I want to say that he’s up here due to his character and while it’s definitely a good character, I don’t really care about it too much. No offence to people who love Georgios of course! But when I hear the name Georgios, my instinct immediately goes to how useful he is in-game. He might not be the best tank in the game, but he is low rarity so easy to raise, has a taunt that lasts 3 turns and also a guts. Furthermore, his bond CE provides invincibility for 1 hit + 1000 damage cut for 3 turns upon defeat, making him an even better tank. His NP also gives an enemy the Dragon trait which is too niche to build an entire team around, but it can lead to a fun team-up with him and the Siegfried servants. That, and his NP does nice damage in general so even without the niche, it’s nice to use.

Ivan the Terrible – Mammoth Man faced a crisis and asked mages to merge him with demonic beasts, resulting in the monstrosity that he is now. This is due to Lostbelt shenanigans, which transformed an otherwise normal man into a divine being. I’m always sort of conflicted on Nasu doing stuff like this since this means we probably will never see a regular Ivan as a servant but oh well. I can’t talk much for his personality as I don’t have him, but I do want to see more of him. He was betrayed and used in his Lostbelt, and I legit felt sad for him. Here’s hoping he has another role in the future, even if just for an event. Since I don’t have him, I can’t speak too much for his gameplay either. I have heard really good stories about him though, being an excellent AoE Buster Rider with a nice skillset and NP that decreases the Buster resistance of enemies. For me, he’s not an absolute necessity to obtain, but I wouldn’t complain either if I got him from a guaranteed banner or something.

Odysseus – Circe’s love interest is a Lostbelt servant that I don’t know too much about, hence why I won’t talk too much about his personality. Odysseus’ story is one of my favourite Greek stories however, so that’s why I am at the very least interested even though I’m not a fan of his design at all. I like his second ascension but in battle, he still has his mask off so that’s a big fat lie. I love how well they’ve implemented his lore in his gameplay though, having a charm resistance as skill and protection against Circe turning him into a pig as passive. As for other stats, he’s a pretty nice Arts- and Quick servant who can farm, but he’s easily outmatched by two others in the same class who are amongst the best loopers in the entire game. Still, being able to get rid of all defensive buffs before doing damage with the NP is a very nice bonus effect. Ninja Edit: Now that Artoria Caster exists, looping with him becomes a lot easier.

Europa – Every European’s grandmother is here, and she’s quite good looking for someone her age. I do find it weird how she’s literally walking around in her underwear though. She’s from the same Lostbelt as Odysseus so I can’t really talk too much about her, but she seems pretty easy-going and I like that. From first sight, her gameplay actually looks a lot like a 5* Marie due to her tank build (invincibility, defence increase), but she actually has an AoE Buster NP that she can also buff with a skill and as an overcharge effect on her NP. I don’t think she’s a must get though, since she doesn’t really excel in being either a tank or DPS. Then again, love over gameplay right?

Sakata Kintoki – Golden Rider is one of FGO’s best welfare servants. His personality is pretty much the same as his Berserker version though; just your usual righteous hero who loves talking about gold. I’m personally pretty much true neutral on Kintoki, as I don’t hate- nor love him. Just a good character, but not one to my personal liking. This also applies to the following four servants, as I don’t really feel like repeating myself. He really is an excellent welfare servant though, being able to buff his Quick effectiveness both through a skill and also before his NP does damage, and also having a 50% Battery. He’s one of the best ST servants of his class, and he’s completely free. At least, he was.

Francis Drake – Genderbent Drake is a captain that surprisingly helps us out a lot during the story. She is a greedy- and selfish character as she proclaims herself, and will do anything to achieve whatever she desires. She’s a nice character overall. Like with other pirates, she has a pretty similar skillset but unlike the lower rarity pirates, she has a 50% NP battery which is very nice. Good servant overall, but still pretty surprised that she’s one of the early 5* Female servants without an alternate form e.g. Summer.

Medusa – One of Fate’s original servants, half-awakened Gorgon is admittedly one of my lesser liked servants of Fate/Stay Night. Not because she’s bad, far from it, but just because I like the others more. Can’t wait for Heaven’s Feel Part 3 though, where I know she’ll play a big role. In FGO her base form doesn’t really appear often in the story after all, and is mostly reserved for Gudaguda events where she’s usually not her normal self. It is about time the original gets some more love to be honest, and I know a lot of people want a summer version of her. It’s also clear how much of an early-game servant she is, with a decent skillset at best and a Quick AoE NP that she can’t loop with in the slightest due to it being 1 hit. She can do good damage thanks to Skadi, but there are quite a lot of better servants out there in the Rider class.

Boudica – Onee-san Boudica is one of the few servants where I actually like her more when she puts on more clothes. Like seriously, what is that first ascension??? She’s a pretty nice character overall, and I like how they’ve kept her hatred against Rome in her character but not her sole character trait. I would definitely like to see an Avenger Boudica though, she definitely meets the qualifications. Gameplay-wise she’s unfortunately not the best. Her NP is a nice defence- and attack buff though–pretty similar to Mash’s NP in that regard–and she has a party-wide Arts buff which is always appreciated. However, this all changed when her worst enemy attacked. Now I’m not going to say Romulus=Quirinus made Boudica meta or anything because that’s really not the case, but it is a very fun and unique strategy that I really want to try out myself as well. TL;DR: Romulus makes all enemies Roman, while Boudica buffs the entire party’s damage against Roman enemies. Her worst enemy actually made Boudica better, how ironic is that?

Sakamoto Ryouma – Detective and Dragons are a singular servant from the famed Gudaguda. They came from the first Gudaguda event where the story began to become a bit more serious, hence why they themselves are also more serious. Unfortunately I didn’t really care for Sakamoto too much since he wasn’t that memorable to me. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad character, just not appealing to me. Oryu is a bit more memorable with her wanting to eat frogs but eh. They’re a pretty decent welfare as well; not overpowered, but their job is to be an ST Arts Rider + support and they execute both roles fairly well.

Carmilla – A summer servant so I won’t go too much into detail on her personality–not that I would know it anyway since she’s still JP-exclusive at the moment. I don’t really care for her first two ascensions, but the last one actually looks really nice. She’s actually a very unique servant to use in-game however, as she is the only servant in the game that can lower an enemy’s defence specifically against critical damage. The skill seal and free critical stars are also a nice addition to the skill. Furthermore, she can absorb HP from the enemies for herself while also lowering their defence, and have a delayed NP charge for the entire party. Finally, her Quick AoE NP does nice damage and inflicts buff block + Quick resistance down. Her NP gain isn’t that good, but she’s a really good servant overall worth rolling for. Just don’t use her as a taunt servant to be killed off by Chen Gong or a very angry fan of hers will hunt you down.

Bartholomew Roberts – Black Bart is yet another pirate servant, but at least he’s the most normal of the lower rarity pirates I guess? I don’t know too much about him since he’s not in NA yet but from what I could gather so far, the only ”weird” thing about him is his specific fetish. His design is pretty appealing though–not necessarily from a love perspective, but he looks good. As for gameplay, he’s actually one of the more unique pirate servants out there. He’s this close to becoming the perfect budget Quick support actually, as he can increase everyone’s crit damage while lowering his own star weight. Unfortunately his Quick buff only applies to himself, but he is a decent looper as well due to him having a Quick AoE NP. He also has this very weird- and specific damage bonus against lower rarity enemies which I love. Really nice servant, can’t wait for him to come to NA!

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