Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Rider servants!

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Quetzalcoatl – Goddess of Luchadors has no relation to wrestling at all but she loves it, therefore she does. Wish I could become great at hobbies that easily. Here we have an oddball character because I don’t really love Quetzalcoatl’s design which is usually a reason for being up this high, but she has an excellent character as compensation for me. She’s very energetic, and also loves to throw in some Spanish words in her sentences. She’s actually very good gameplay-wise as well, being one of the better ST Buster Riders out there. Her kit is all about doing more- and more damage, especially critical damage which can go into ridiculous numbers. What’s more, she can also be a semi-support as she has a targetable guts that comes with a free Buster buff for 3 turns. I do think it’s about time she gets a small buff since I don’t really like normal Charisma skills still being a thing, but she’s hasn’t gotten a single buff yet simply because she’s a solid all-around servant.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read – Yuri pirates are the best of both worlds, especially for me since the in-game sprite that is being used is Mary. I would like to see an animation update with both of them on-screen though. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the original intent to begin with, but early game shenanigans. I really like their characters though; Anne is just a friendly pirate, and Mary tries to be tough but is very adorable. I really love their gameplay as well, as they’re probably my favourite ST Rider to use. They are nowhere near the best unfortunately and they’re definitely in need of buffs since most of their skills only last 1 turn and are spread across multiple skills, while many servants have the same effects in a singular skill. Also, a guts. Why a guts? Because Anne & Mary deal more damage to enemies the lower their HP is. And that’s also why I love using them, because they’re a high-risk-high-reward servant. The amount of damage you can do with 1 HP can go really high, even unbuffed. I haven’t tested them out with the Skadi system yet, but I can’t wait to do so and absolutely annihilate some enemies.

Artoria Pendragon Alter – An event character so I won’t go too much into detail on her personality, which is basically a mix of her own characters and one attempting to be Santa. Love how she literally attacks enemies with a present bag though! Gameplay-wise she’s mostly the same as her unbuffed Alter form, which is to say… she’s decent. Welfare servants unfortunately don’t get buffs, so she’s still stuck with an instinct skill. The best part about her is, ironically, that she’s a welfare servant so easy to NP5. Since her NP is an AoE Buster one, that’s always beneficial.

Artoria Pendragon Alter 2.0 – The same event character but this time not trying to be a Santa. I’m slightly disappointed that she remains in the same class, but their roles are entirely different so I’m also okay with it. Because this time, she turned herself into the strongest ST Quick Rider in the game, at least with her NP. Aside from that she can potentially buff herself with a 50% Quick up for three turns, and a 20% for the whole party + charisma. Her second skill is a bit weird for her skillset but still a very good skill overall, as it’s basically Tamamo’s NP on a skill to reduce a cooldown by 1. What’s more, with a future upgrade it also increases the target’s Max HP for 5 turns soo… it’s a weird mix of Tamamo and Kingprotea?

Iskandar – Iskandar is also high up here because of his appearance in Fate/Zero. Together with Diarmuid, he’s easily my favourite servant from that series. He’s the true definition of a reliable big bro that you can count on. If I had to choose one servant from FGO to be a king of the nation I lived in, Iskandar would definitely be one of my first choices. I unfortunately don’t have him yet in the game, but he’s a pretty solid Buster AoE Rider that can dish out a lot of critical damage, and also buff the team so they’re able to do more critical damage as well as NP damage. He’s unfortunately not the best AoE Rider in his class which he totally does deserve to be, but he’s still very solid.

Achilles – And yet another servant from an anime adaptation. I won’t deny that it’s easier for me to fall in love with a servant when I see them in action, because otherwise I would probably be neutral about him due to not having much relevance in the NA version of FGO yet. That will of course change when Lostbelt 5 drops, but that’s still one and a half year away. Anyway, Achilles is still a carefree character who would choose to be a hero any time of the day. In-game he’s a combination of both a Tank and DPS servant, able to taunt enemies towards him while negating their attacks with invincibility, but he can also buff his Quick and Crit performance to potentially even loop with the Skadi system. Very nice all-round servant.

Ozymandias – Kono Dio Da turned Egyptian and became a pharaoh just to laugh at you. People often compare his egoistic personality to Gilgamesh which is definitely true, but Ozy is a bit less egoistical whereas he doesn’t disrespect the gods and allows people to call him by his name. That said, he will of course still boast how powerful- and mighty he is, and with good reason. Despite being in the game for over 4 years now without a single buff, he still holds up very well as an ST Buster Rider, only truly rivalled by Quetzalcoatl in his own class- and card type. What also helps is that he has the infamous Imperial Privilege, but also a skill that buffs his success rate. His NP overall is also pretty strong. He could probably use a buff in the future, but Ozymandio is still a good servant overall.

Leonardo Da Vinci Lily – Perverted artist who turned into his own creation decides to go even further beyond and turn into a loli. Da Vinci Lily is a highly important character to the Lostbelt story of FGO and despite being designed as a younger self, the smug personality of Da Vinci that openly states how clever she is still very much present. And it so happens to be that she’s a lot cuter, especially when she’s skating around in her princess-like outfit. While I am not too familiar with how she plays, from what I could gather she’s one of the two primary servants to use in Arts looping teams because she doesn’t really need an extreme setup to work. She has a lot of ways to charge her NP, and her NP itself also gives a free party-wide 20% NP battery after usage. Unlimited NP works am I right?

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