Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Rider servants!

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Mordred – I’ve already gone over why I love Daddy Issues on the Saber tier list, so let’s not spend too much time on it now. What I will mention, is how great the interactions are between Artoria and Mordred during the summer event. It’s on a highly comedical level, especially because Mordred more often shows her true self: she just wants recognition. As for gameplay, Mordred is the other Arts AoE looper that I’ve mentioned a few times. She funnily enough doesn’t even have a buff to boost her own NP gain, but the refund she gets from her NP and a few Arts buffs are more than enough. She is one of the servants who, if you play your cards right, can literally loop forever. Best servant right there.

Alexander – If we’re not counting Mordred, Young Iskandar is actually my favourite Rider servant out there. He’s described as a ”peerless pretty boy” and I won’t deny it; he caught me with his charms. He’s a very good-looking servant, has a nice voice and is just very attractive overall. And so is his personality too of course, as he’s Iskandar but just a bit younger and more innocent. He is deliberately not aware of his future life, just so he can experience life as it were his first steps. In-game he’s a hybrid between a DPS and a support servant, as his buffs can benefit the whole team and were particularly useful when there weren’t any other Quick supports around. He also does quite a lot of damage with his NP, and they also give free crit stars for the next turn which is never a bad thing. I’m still debating on whether I should grail him or not, but I still have some time left to decide as I’m out of grails anyway.

Saint Martha – Dragon-punching Saint is also very high on my favourite Riders list. I really love her personality a lot, which has an exterior of a holy saint which she truly is, but she also has a habit of showing her not-so-holy side. This side in particular is quite extreme, and I love it when that persona shows up. Her design and voice actress are also both very good. I can’t say I use her that often in battle though, mostly because she is a more healing-focussed servant. That doesn’t mean she’s useless of course as the buff removal skill + defence down is especially helpful, but the best defence is a great offence. Her Ruler form can definitely agree with that. Funnily enough though, her NP is actually quite strong and further decreases their defence as a bonus. She’s pretty useful as a support in that regard!

Astolfo – The servant who’s made many people question their sexuality is someone I’ve personally also fallen for. How could I not? Not only does he have the looks of an adorable girl, but his personality is super attractive as well. That, and he’s a servant who lives in the moment and acts based on whatever he feels like, and I can get behind that. In-game he’s one of the better farming Quick Riders due to him having a 50% NP Battery, though don’t expect him to loop since he’s unable to do that. That is also most of what he can do in the game, as his two other skills are average at best. The NP Battery does also come with all sorts of Crit buffs that last 5 turns, but all of them are based on chance and re-rolled every turn, so don’t count on them too much. Still, he does his job well and c’mon, it’s Astolfo. Having him in your Chaldea is already worth it.

Sima Yi (Reines El-Melloi) – Smug sister decided to pull a Waver and also become a pseudo-servant of a Chinese tactician. I still have no idea why any of these tacticians need a host but whatever, having Reines in the game as a summonable servant is something I’ll definitely sacrifice logic for. My love for Sima Yi doesn’t stem from the servant himself, but from the host. This is mostly due to her appearing in Lord El-Melloi’s Case Files, where she proved to be a character very much to my liking. Funnily enough, she reminds me a lot of the Gorgon Sisters, just without being a goddess herself. Her skillset isn’t too different from Zhuge Liang, just slightly worse and her being in the Rider class. That said, she can still buff defence, offence and grant someone invincibility while also being able to bring a single servant to 50% NP. Her own NP also decreases the defence of all enemies, while giving the party the ability to ignore defence class disadvantage. Very good servant overall, and definitely someone that’s high on my list to get.

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