Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Caster servants!

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Meh Tier

FGO Caster Meh Tier

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Mephistopheles – The ”demon” is a servant that I feel has missed potential. It’s true that he keeps his hellish- and crazy nature still, but I guess I just expected a more actual demon-like personality from him. To be fair, his design does match his personality well. Mephi is unfortunately on the lower end when it comes to gameplay again, as the only real nice thing that he has going for him is his third skill. Being able to block an enemy from buffing for 3 times is pretty huge and you also don’t need to level the skill for more chance to hit, but it’s basically all that Mephi is being used for.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Gottlieb Mozart is placed in meh only because I don’t really care for his character- and design personally. Doesn’t mean that he’s bad, just not for me. As his bond lines describe him: he’s basically the lowest form of human scum with no regard for anyone other than Marie Antoinette. That said though, he’s actually a very nice servant for Burst damage–and not only for Arts teams mind you. It’s true that his Arts is a massive buff for one turn, but his third skill is the only skill in the game that can give 50 stars at maximum level, therefore being an absolute guarantee that you will crit. His NP is pretty alright as well where it debuffs the defence and offence of the enemies. For a 1*, he’s definitely worth raising.

Sieg – Cardboard box was one of the main reasons people didn’t like Fate/Apocrypha that much with his unholy plot armour. He was at the very least bearable in FGO though; not necessarily a character that I like, but also not dislike. He is a little less cardboard at least. As for gameplay: he is very weak, even for a welfare servant who you can easily NP5. That said, he is coincidentally also one of the best farmers when it comes to Arts Casters, as his NP gives a massive refund which means he can loop for at the very least 3 turns. That alone is a good reason to raise him!

Geronimo – A servant I don’t really care for too much is Geronimo, but yet again that is due to personal preference. I don’t think he’s a bad character, and he has a good amount of importance in the fifth singularity. I also think his design matches his historical presence pretty accurately. But other than that, he just exists I guess. It doesn’t help that his skillset is one of the weirdest–and worst–in the whole game. A separate skill for every face card to buff their effectiveness for 1 turn? Why?? I’ve used him a few times in battle and his NP does do massive AoE damage for a 3* Caster, but his skillset just doesn’t make any sense in the slightest. The problem with buffing is that they need to at the very least adjust two skills, but all skills already have a 50% performance buff on them which technically already makes them complete skills. Poor Geronimo.

Murasaki Shikibu – Due to her not being in NA yet, this is a slightly biased placement but at the moment, there is nothing about her that attracts me. Not her voice, definitely not her design, but I don’t know too much about her personality yet so if that ends up being good, a change in placement in the future is very much possible. As for gameplay, I believe she’s pretty alright? Due to my low interest in her I also don’t know too much about how she plays, but she has a niche against demonic enemies of which the Assassin class has many. Her skillset overall is pretty nice and diverse, making her nice for both farming and challenge quests.

Scheherazade – I don’t really like Thicc Choco in FGO because I’m familiar with other interpretations that are a lot different, but then I read up a bit more and it surprisingly makes a lot of sense why Scheherazade is so afraid of dying. I still don’t really like her though, just because her scared personality is most of what she has. And if you’ve seen the other tierlists I’ve made, you can probably guess that I’m also not a fan of her design due to my preference in circular shapes that I won’t go into to avoid myself being arrested by the FBI. Aaaaanyhow, she used to be pretty bad in-game with her only niche being that she’s strong against sovereign servants, but she got buffed quite a lot so that she’s at least a decent farmer now. I would still take other Arts AoE servants over her–especially Sieg who is free–but she at least does her job better now.

Shuten Douji – This one has a bit of a personal backstory. I’ve always been following JP news pretty closely, and they announced Shuten without stating her class. Everything pointed towards her being an Extra class or an Archer or something, but instead they made her a Caster which disappointed me. Oh well, I’ll go into her personality on the Assassin Tierlist, which is mostly why she’s in the meh tier. Regarding how she plays: she’s a pretty nice ST Buster Caster with a niche against demonic enemies. There’s not much else unique to her toolkit, but she can reduce an enemy’s critical chance by quite a large margin for 3 turns which is always nice.


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  • I’m only familiar with the characters who showed up in F/SN and Zero, but it’s still interesting to read how they turned out in this game. It’s only right that Illya is a top-tier character, yeah. She’s one of my favorites from the series.

    I wish I’d played more of Fate/Extra. I started out with Tamamo because there’s no way I’m not going with the fox girl, but the game beat me around a bit and I gave up. I need to return to it one day.

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    • Illya and Sakura definitely got the best end of the stick from all the F/SN and Zero characters, not counting Saber herself which has a ton of alternate forms. They appear quite frequently (though for Sakura it’s mostly her alter ego’s from Extra CCC) and are most of the time not only top-tier characters, but also top-tier gameplay-wise. And truly deserving as well, since I like Illya a lot as well!

      I can imagine that, the first playthrough as Tamamo can be a true nightmare. It does get a bit easier on whenever she gets access to more magic spells, but the early parts of the game are the worst for sure.

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