Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Caster servants!

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Neutral Tier

FGO Caster Neutral Tier

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Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova – Russian Princess is the first enemy servant we encounter in the Lostbelt story of the game, and she gives off a tough- and strong personality of someone we should fear. But instead, she’s actually an adorable cinnamon roll once you get a bit more familiar with her, as shown between her servant-master status in the story. In-game she’s mostly a farming servant who does need more of a setup than Sieg to loop, but does more damage in return. And especially with Caster Artoria now being a thing, she’s probably going to be one of the primary Caster servants to use for farming.

Chen Gong – I won’t deny that Master Strategist is solely this high up due to the madness he enables with his gameplay. I don’t know enough about his character to judge him on, but I do like that his design is similar to that of Rani VII. But yeah, gameplay is why he’s here. He has a very solid skillset for a lower rarity servant which include a targetable ally taunt + crit chance debuff for all enemies, a good defence buff that also gives 10% NP and finally a massive targetable buster performance buff that also has a niche of further buffing Berserker servants. This is the skillset that 4-5* servants have, but instead given to a free servant. But the skills aren’t his main attraction here, absolutely not. His NP, aside from doing nice damage, sacrifices the servant who’s in first position. And normally you would say ”well, isn’t that bad?” but no, this enabled absolute maddening strategies. You can put a support servant in the first slot and a level 1 Chen Gong in the third slot with a taunt CE, so that they can both buff the main servant and then disappear. Two new servants arrive and if you truly want to go for overkill, just bring plugsuit so you can still switch out a servant for another. The potential this strategy has is practically limitless, and he’s definitely one of my main priorities from the amazing line-up of 1-2* servants we’re getting next year in NA.

Nursery Rhyme – What’s this, Neppy putting a loli servant in the neutral tier? What is this madness? That’s almost as strange as him putting a busty servant in the love tier right? …hehe, yeah, right… foreshadowing intensifies. Anyway, I don’t dislike our favourite book in the slightest, and think it’s actually a brilliant concept for a servant. The Caster class is just a bit packed so she barely misses out on the like tier. I do like seeing her together with Jack though, and her voice lines are especially adorable. I can’t say I’ve used her a whole lot though, as she only began to spook me not too long ago. She does have a rather unique niche in the Caster class where she’s slightly crit-based while also tanky. I don’t think she can loop with her AoE Arts NP though? Correct me if I’m wrong on that but then again, Artoria Caster now exists.

Marie Antoinette – French Princess of the Beach is the only Summer 4* that I’m currently missing. But don’t worry, I’ll get you by any means when you return in a month or two. Since she is a summer servant and one of the more faithful to her original character, I won’t go over her character. As for gameplay, she’s pretty similar to her Rider counterpart where she is a hybrid between a tank and DPS. She’s amongst the weaker Caster servants from what I heard, but probably the same will happen to her as what happened to her original self: Caster Artoria meta.

Leonardo Da Vinci – The original pervert artist who turned himself into his own creation, Da Vinci is one of the more important characters in the first arc of FGO. Her character is the same as Da Vinci Lily, whereas she’s pretty smug and will take any opportunity she can get to tell you how brilliant she is. I do like Lily a bit more because of course I do, who do you think I am? As for her gameplay: she doesn’t differ too much in role from her Lily form, being a farming AoE Arts Caster with several methods to increase her own NP. Then again, now that Caster Artoria exists that won’t be a problem anyway.

Medea – One of the original Fate/Stay Night servants, the wife witch is one of the servants I’m most neutral about from the original series. No dislike here at all, but not enough to like her either. I guess what helps with that opinion is that she just barely exists in the story of FGO, and most of the spotlight goes to her younger self. She appears in a select amount of events, but I don’t really consider a stand-in character in Gudaguda to be a good representation of who she is. It’s about time she gets some more love honestly, but as recently confirmed she can yet again forget about a summer version for this year. Heck, she barely even has a CE! In-game she is pretty nice though, especially as a budget option as she can charge her NP by 80% at level 1, essentially giving you a free NP. The NP also removes all enemy’s buffs which is nice. Her targetable NP gain + debuff cleanse skill is pretty nice as well.

Nero Claudius – A swimsuit version so I won’t go over her character. She isn’t too different from regular Nero anyway, and my opinion on her can be found on the Saber Tierlist. As for her Caster form, she’s easily the strongest AoE Buster Caster in the game, and also one very viable for ST damage. That’s not because her NP necessarily is the strongest because it isn’t, but she can buff herself very well with an attack- and defence buff that last 3 turns, but also a targetable guts with a whopping 50% attack buff at max level. That, and she can charge her own NP battery + NP gain depending on how low her HP is. Very good servant overall.

Hans Christian Andersen – Kid writer might look innocent on the outside, but he’s part of the reason why Kiara is the way she became. He’s also always whining, complaining and just being rude in general. Not really a character I’m too fond of myself, but I don’t hate him either. I also liked how his personality is integrated into his design, because he totally looks like that kid in class with the highest grades who would talk down on people with lower grades. He is allowed though, because in-game he’s one of the most solid crit supports that even surpasses 5* servants. Reminder that he’s only a 2* servant himself. That, and he can also provide a targetable NP gain per turn + star generation skill which funnily enough replaced his original skill completely in function. His NP is chance-based, but most of the time you’ll still get something that will help you in the long run. Very solid support, and definitely one worth raising.

William Shakespeare – The King of Writers is a lazy- and useless servant who doesn’t fight–or at least, so he proclaims. I like his character, really carefree and doesn’t really bother himself too much with the world; just let him write and he’ll be fine. No idea why his final ascension portrait makes him look like he’s possessed though. He’s also not useless in the game, as he is a nice budget Buster support. He doesn’t excel at it too much as his Buster buff only lasts 1 turn, but he does have a free targetable 20% NP battery which also comes with a star generation buff. His NP can therefore also be used as an easy wave clear with lower-levelled enemies.

Zhuge Liang (Waver) – It’s him! I’m talking about the god of FGO supports! Oh nooooo! Actually, I don’t really like Waver that much out of personal preference. Also weird how he goes from his older self back to his younger self through ascension. Oh well, early servant syndrome I guess. I do at least like his older self a bit more, though I am kind of curious why Zhuge Liang needed to be summoned as a pseudo-servant anyways? He’s no divine being, he can be summoned in his own body perfectly fine. Oh well, let’s talk about his gameplay since he’s easily the most used servant in FGO ever. This is due to him not only being able to buff attack, defence and critical damage, but all of these skills come with a free party-wide NP battery (except for one). He can give a servant a total of 50% NP battery which is extremely useful, as a lot of CEs have a 50% starting NP. On top of that, his own NP is a nice defence debuff on enemies that also reduces their NP and can potentially stun. Unfortunately I don’t have him yet, and I hate it since he would have made farming in events that much easier for me. I just don’t feel like actually rolling for him, soo… free 5* ticket soon?

Cú Chulainn – Caster doggo decided to ditch the spear and take up the staff. Given that he’s from Celtic Mythology, he is of course well-versed in runes so this isn’t too surprising. He’s the calmest of all Cú’s, acting more as a guide to the protagonist instead of a frontline attacker. He was one of the first servants we ever came across in the game, and he’s looking to make his grand return very soon if we have to believe the new opening of Lostbelt. He’s actually a pretty nice AoE Buster Caster as well who can charge his own NP as well as focus on critical damage, and he has the standard Cú survivability. The only thing that really holds him back is something that isn’t his own fault, and that’s him being story-locked. It’s just way easier to get any other Caster of that rarity.

Charles Babbage – Steam Robot is another case of a servant being summoned not in his human form, but in what he has accomplished in life. I do think he’s a good character overall, though I mostly remember his for his insert characteristics, like being turned into a literal car for the second summer event. He is actually not that bad of an AoE Buster Caster in-game, as he has a good amount of NP gain for his hard-hitting NP. For a free servant, he will do the job until you basically get a better servant.

Thomas Edison – The literal Lion King is an almagination of all presidents of the United States combined with Edison. Don’t you love Fate lore? He does have some legit funny moments, though he doesn’t shine as brightly when he isn’t with Tesla in my opinion. He’s still a nice character without him, but I barely remember any events where he wasn’t fighting with Tesla. Almost a Karna – Arjuna situation, just without them wanting to actually murder each other I think. In-game, he did actually have a unique niche where he could provide two stages of NP overcharge to an ally which was–and still is very nice. He’s not alone in this niche anymore, but they did also buff his first skill to reduce the skill cooldown of an ally. This makes Edison a very unique support because he doesn’t directly buff your damage- or defence, but some NPs have really nice overcharge effects and Edison can provide that. I also love his NP, which is literally the 20th Century Fox intro. Simply brilliant.

Dress of Heaven (Irisviel von Einzbern) – I’m pretty much complete neutral on grail mum. No hate, no love, just completely neutral. This is mostly because I don’t really care for her as a character too much, though she does have some sweet moments in FGO when it comes to her family. Also, I really love that Dress of Heaven outfit. She used to be one of the better healers in-game as well and while she’s still not bad, she is outclassed by Asclepius who can do the same and more. Still, it is very nice to have an NP that can both heal- and grant a party-wise guts, which is especially beneficial for select challenge quests. She also has the ability to increase her healing for 1 turn, so using that before her normal heal skill and NP can bring the party back up by quite a good amount.

Asclepius – The god of medicine isn’t someone I know too much about due to being JP exclusive, but I do like his design and animations. Because I don’t know much about his character, let’s get directly to how he plays in-game. He’s basically a better Irisviel because he can’t only heal the party well with a skill and NP that also provides a party-wide guts AND debuff immunity. His remaining skills aren’t bad either, as he can give the entire party an NP battery and also NP gain, while also having the chance to seal an enemy’s NP. It’s a very solid kit overall and definitely highly useful for challenge quests.

Circe – Witch of pigs had a very random inclusion in the story like Nezha, where she was introduced in Salem as a shapeshifted Medea who infiltrated Chaldea and went along with them. Weird introduction aside, Circe is a pretty fun character with how easy-going she is. Just don’t betray her or she’ll turn you into a pig. I initially wasn’t too fond of her design, but it slowly started growing on me so now I’m pretty much on the other side of the spectrum. In-game she’s one of the few ST Buster Casters, and also one that can get her NP instantly due to an NP battery. She isn’t as strong as someone like Xuanzang who can do the same, but Circe is slightly easier to get. It’s also nice that she can clear all the debuffs of the entire party. Don’t let Odysseus near her by the way.


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  • I’m only familiar with the characters who showed up in F/SN and Zero, but it’s still interesting to read how they turned out in this game. It’s only right that Illya is a top-tier character, yeah. She’s one of my favorites from the series.

    I wish I’d played more of Fate/Extra. I started out with Tamamo because there’s no way I’m not going with the fox girl, but the game beat me around a bit and I gave up. I need to return to it one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Illya and Sakura definitely got the best end of the stick from all the F/SN and Zero characters, not counting Saber herself which has a ton of alternate forms. They appear quite frequently (though for Sakura it’s mostly her alter ego’s from Extra CCC) and are most of the time not only top-tier characters, but also top-tier gameplay-wise. And truly deserving as well, since I like Illya a lot as well!

      I can imagine that, the first playthrough as Tamamo can be a true nightmare. It does get a bit easier on whenever she gets access to more magic spells, but the early parts of the game are the worst for sure.

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