Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Caster servants!

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Helena Blavatsky – Old woman disguised as a loli is a free ”get out of jail” pass as she’s legal. I like Helena; she has a nice voice actress, looks good and has an overall fun personality. She’s also one of the better Learning with Manga characters, as she is very fond of Atilla and the author wants to make that very clear. I really like using her in game as well, as she is a pretty solid gone-and-done support; charge all allies’ NP by 20% and give them a performance buff on all their face cards. Furthermore, her NP also does nice damage though I don’t believe she can farm with it at all. She is one of the many servants that may also benefit from a buff or two but for now, she’s still nice and I use her quite frequently.

Tamamo no Mae – Fox wife is probably my favourite character from the entirety of Fate/Extra. Her character there was really well done, and it showed both her mischievous- and playful nature, but also how much she cared for the main protagonist. Then Extra CCC happened which suddenly connected her to Amaterasu, followed by the disaster called Extella which ruined her entire character. The Tamamo we see in FGO is her Extra CCC counterpart, which isn’t my favourite as her mischievous nature is suppressed by her desire to be a wife. She’s still a good character don’t get me wrong, but we rarely see her serious side and I thought that’s what made her character so good. In-game, she is one of the best Arts supports ever. She can make stalling teams go on forever due to good healing and NP charge with her own NP, but especially the ability to reduce the cooldown of all party members. A new threat has arrived in the form of Caster Artoria who is a far more reliable support for farming, but Tamamo definitely still has her place in the game. She actually works excellently together with Caster Artoria as they complement each other’s flaws really well!

Queen of Sheba – Greedy CEO loves Solomon, but she loves money even more than him. I can’t help but love that characteristic about her and smile every time she appears on screen. This also doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a serious character, and I feel they’ve found a good balance between the two. I also really like her design a lot! I really hope we also get to see more of Sheba in the future if the plot ever goes back to Solomon again. I love using her in-game as well, as she is a very solid ST Arts Caster with a focus on both raw damage and crit damage. She can buff herself very well, which is most important to a servant mostly focussed on offence. She is story-locked unfortunately, but I do highly recommend getting her if you’re lacking in Caster DPS servants.

Scathach=Skadi – The Saviour of Quick is here and she made Quick top of the meta for two years straight! Then the mascot of the franchise bonked her and made Arts relevant again. While her exterior very much like the Scathach we know and love, her character is more the goddess Skadi than anything. Still, she is a nice goddess with her heart in the right place–it just might take some effort from the master to see it. As stated, she was the primary reason why Quick servants have been used for farming pretty much exclusively and, joking aside, will still be used even now that Caster Artoria exists. She can not only give 50% NP battery to a servant with a single skill, but also boost their Quick- and Crit potential for three turns as well as decrease the defence of all enemies. She is by no means perfect though, as her NP doesn’t really help with her main purpose, and she will lose her effectiveness when her skills are on cooldown. Still, she makes farming extremely convenient, and that’s exactly what most of FGO entails.

Paracelsus von Hohenheim – King of Alchemists is an all-around friendly guy who wants to be on the same height as his master to achieve their goals. Truly, if Fate was a visual novel/dating sim where the characters were male instead of female, I’d say Paracelsus would have a good shot at being one of the love interests. I can’t really describe what it is that draws me towards Paracelsus though, but it could be that it’s my interest in alchemy in general. In-game he’s actively a surprisingly good- and beloved servant to use–with the only part of him that people don’t love being his ridiculous skill levelling materials. He’s an excellent Arts support that is especially known for his third skill that got a strengthening, which allows him to give any unit a massive NP gain buff. This is almost completely unmatched, which caused Nero fans to cry and they actually gave her a 30% NP battery as a bonus. Oops.

Medea Lily – Young wife witch is the yet innocent version of Medea–or at least, that’s how she should be. Okeanos turned her into a backstabbing villain though to be fair, she had no choice. When she doesn’t get threatened by Solomon, she’s actually a nice, sweet girl who just wants to be able to put faith into her master. I don’t really like bringing her onto the battlefield too often though, as she is primarily a healer with a lot of different methods to do so. Admittedly she is one of the better healers in the game, but it’s a niche that is rarely needed and mostly reserved for challenge quests.

Nitocris – Flustered Pharaoh tries to act all high- and mighty since she’s a ruler of Ancient Egypt, but she is too much of a loveable goof to keep that persona up. I like her character because she has achieved a very high status in her respective mythology, but she still has visible flaws that other rulers like so suppress. Her design is also very cute. In-game, she’s actually one of the more interesting farmers that isn’t restricted to class advantage. Her niche is that her NP has a chance to insta-kill enemies which is by normal means a very unreliable gimmick, but she can also boost her insta-kill chance which makes it far more reliable to use on waves consisting of bronze- and silver enemies. Not only that, but she can give herself an NP battery that can make her go from 0 to 100% of higher in an instant. The only ”negative” about her is that she doesn’t get much NP refund, but that issue is easily solved with support servants or specific CEs.

Miyu Edelfelt – The secondary heroine of Fate/Kaleid and also Illya’s unofficial love interest, Miyu is the more calm- and serious part of the series. Admittedly she’s my least favourite of the three main girls, but she does still have her moments. And besides, being the least favourite out of three characters that I like a lot still puts her above quite a lot of other characters. In-game she’s an… interesting servant to say the least. She has a buff for Arts and Crit performance, but she isn’t really that much of an offensive servant. Her NP can charge all allies’ NP and HP over time, but that’s something other servants have on skills and is therefore also not that interesting. I guess the best thing about her really, is that she can give a servant a 30% NP battery + buff chance increase. Admittedly the only thing she really has going for her is that the NP effect can stack, and that can be nice when you have two of them on the field… but you’re still better off with other servants. It’s time for a buff hm?

Gilgamesh – King of mongrels is the younger and slightly less arrogant version of Gil. But let’s not kid ourselves; he’s still very much Gilgamesh. However, due to his role in Babylonia, we see the admirable sovereign-side of him. This is also why I like this version of Gil more than his Archer counterpart, because it shows how much he cares for his own country and inhabitants in his own way. In-game he’s a really good Arts support–like, really good. All of his skills are party-wide buffs, from Arts to Charisma to even an excellent Star generation skill. That last one in particular makes him viable even outside of Arts teams, because the Star generation is just that good. His NP is a combination of doing good damage to all enemies and reducing their defence, but also buffing all allies’ defence and (recently added) critical damage. An excellent all-round servant, and definitely one of the best in his role.

Merlin – The original game-breaking servant, Cock Wizard is a carefree guy without a worry in the world. He is a wise mage who knows everything in the present time, to the point that he was even aware of who the villain was behind the human incineration ritual. He’s a nice, chill guy overall with a good sense of humour. As for gameplay… yeah, he’s pretty broken. He can make even the weakest of servants do massive damage due to his buffs in attack, buster- and crit performance. If offensive capabilities wasn’t enough, he can also keep the whole party alive through a party-wide invincibility and an NP that restores HP and NP every turn that both stacks and is decently spammable. He is a jack-of-all-trades, but whereas most servants would be a master-of-none, Merlin still excels at everything he does.


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  • I’m only familiar with the characters who showed up in F/SN and Zero, but it’s still interesting to read how they turned out in this game. It’s only right that Illya is a top-tier character, yeah. She’s one of my favorites from the series.

    I wish I’d played more of Fate/Extra. I started out with Tamamo because there’s no way I’m not going with the fox girl, but the game beat me around a bit and I gave up. I need to return to it one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Illya and Sakura definitely got the best end of the stick from all the F/SN and Zero characters, not counting Saber herself which has a ton of alternate forms. They appear quite frequently (though for Sakura it’s mostly her alter ego’s from Extra CCC) and are most of the time not only top-tier characters, but also top-tier gameplay-wise. And truly deserving as well, since I like Illya a lot as well!

      I can imagine that, the first playthrough as Tamamo can be a true nightmare. It does get a bit easier on whenever she gets access to more magic spells, but the early parts of the game are the worst for sure.

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