Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Caster servants!

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Sanzang Xuanzang – Genderbent Monk is my favourite Caster in the entire game, no contest. I love that klutzy personality of her in particular so much. She follows her instincts and even if they’re wrong, she’ll just keep following them till they become right. Not only that, but with her being a Monk, she’ll help out anyone in need. There’s always a smile on her face, and that’s what attracted me to her in the first place. Oh, and can I mention that awesome NP animation of her? It holds up perfectly well, despite being a Noble Phantasm of the first year of FGO (of which most got updated). She’s currently still the strongest ST Caster in the game, but I keep being afraid of that position being stolen from her someday. This is because her skillset is good, but doesn’t benefit her role that well. The only damage buff she has is with her massive NP battery, and that’s only a 1-turn NP damage buff. The third skill is a very nice party-wide NP and Star generation skill, and combined with her taunt skill she can get her NP just a bit faster again, but it’s still a very weird skill to have on someone whose role is to spam NPs. That said though, she’s still an excellent Caster and I’m very proud of my max grailed, max stats Monk!

Illyasviel von Einzbern – Of course FBI target No. 1 is up this high on the list, don’t pretend you didn’t see this coming from me. Just your normal schoolgirl who gets caught up in all kind of normal happenings. I love her innocent- yet not innocent character, and she’s just a very happy and cheerful girl all-around. She’s very different from her Fate/Stay Night counterpart though, but I like both so I’m more than fine with that. In-game, she’s the other strongest ST Caster in the game, but there’s one crucial detail that separates her from Xuanzang. Illya is meant for burst damage as she gets a Buster performance buff from both a skill- and before her NP, but she is unable to spam her NP due to a very low NP gain. Even her NP gain skill barely makes up for it, and I didn’t even mention that her NP also gives her a pretty significant demerit. This can be circumvented with her debuff immunity skill, but that one is very reliant on chance. Illya is still great in-game though, but she does have clear flaws. Pairing her with Chloe or Miyu ironically does negate some of those flaws, though the FBI won’t like it.

Elizabeth Bathory – An event servant so I won’t go too much into her character, but I’ve placed Dragon Idol on every tierlist in the love category so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Unfortunately she’s a pretty bad servant however, and I almost never use her. Her damage is very low, and that sucks for a servant solely focussed on offence. She’s also weirdly enough a crit-based servant? I don’t know, gameplay-wise she doesn’t do it for me and she’s in desperate need of a buff, but it’s still Liz so I love her.


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  • I’m only familiar with the characters who showed up in F/SN and Zero, but it’s still interesting to read how they turned out in this game. It’s only right that Illya is a top-tier character, yeah. She’s one of my favorites from the series.

    I wish I’d played more of Fate/Extra. I started out with Tamamo because there’s no way I’m not going with the fox girl, but the game beat me around a bit and I gave up. I need to return to it one day.

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    • Illya and Sakura definitely got the best end of the stick from all the F/SN and Zero characters, not counting Saber herself which has a ton of alternate forms. They appear quite frequently (though for Sakura it’s mostly her alter ego’s from Extra CCC) and are most of the time not only top-tier characters, but also top-tier gameplay-wise. And truly deserving as well, since I like Illya a lot as well!

      I can imagine that, the first playthrough as Tamamo can be a true nightmare. It does get a bit easier on whenever she gets access to more magic spells, but the early parts of the game are the worst for sure.

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