Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Assassin servants!

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Meh Tier

FGO Assassin Meh Tier

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Henry Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Self-awareness Issues is an interesting servant to break down. On one hand, we have an incredibly fun execution here of their lore. A servant that can change classes? Sign me right up! I don’t really care for their personality too much as Jekyll is just an honest-to-god man, while the Hyde personality comes down to KILL KILL KILL, but the concept for a servant here is great. That said, the execution is very unreliable. As an Assassin he’s very weak, and his NP changes him to a Berserker with no way back. As a Berserker, he is actually pretty good as his stats and skills improve quite drastically through his NP which are also permanent, but his NP becomes completely useless while in this form. Building NP charge is useless, and he doesn’t become too different from a regular Berserker. He can be useful, it’s just a matter of if you’re willing to invest the effort into a servant that is very unreliable.

Hassan of the Hundred Faces – Multiple Personality Disorder is another case of an interesting concept. It’s basically one hundred servants, combined into one spirit origin. There is a main ”terminal” used being the girl with purple hair, but due to being multiple servants in one, there is little personality to speak off. That’s also why I don’t really care for them despite the interesting concept. Unlike Jekyll & Hyde however, they are a pretty good servant in-game. Their ST Arts NP does good damage, they can boost their own NP and Star generation, and finally buff all three face card performances. That last skill is reliant on chance, but the percentages for the buffs are pretty high for a 3* servant, and they also last 3 turns.

Yan Qing – Kung-Fu Ruffian is someone who I have a tough time giving an actual opinion on. He’s a harmless character, but I just don’t really care for him. I don’t know, I just find him to be very average and I don’t really have a reason for it. Maybe his placement changes once I get to use him more? I do actually have him in the game since pretty recently, but I haven’t really gotten the time to experiment with him yet. His role is very clear from the get-go though, being an ST Quick Assassin with a high emphasis on Crits. I have no doubt in my mind that he works very well with the Skadi System, but I wouldn’t know.


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