Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Extra servants!

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Why Tier

FGO Extra Why Tier

Space Ishtar – I have already mentioned on a frequent basis that I am not the biggest fan of Ishtar, though my distaste to this servant is also a bit of an… OCD problem. I can’t speak for the character of this servant after all (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s very much a Rin Tohsaka), but the problem is that this technically isn’t even Ishtar; it’s Astarte. But instead of naming the servant Astarte or Mysterious Heroine S or something (because it’s a sequel to MHX’s event), her default name is Space Ishtar. OCD problems aside, I am still really interested in the character Astarte, but that’s something I’ll have to wait for next year. In-game she’s at the top of the meta however, because she has the unique skill that lets her transform her NP card type to whatever she desires for 3 turns. She wasn’t only top-tier with the Skadi System, but is now also one of the best servants with the Castoria System. And just like the Berserker- and Lancer tier, it just proves how my least favourite servants are ironically some of the best.

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