Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Extra servants!

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Neutral Tier

FGO Extra Neutral Tier

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Amakusa Shirou Tokisada – Angry Priest is a character I always found difficult to explain. He’s very much a saint befitting of the Ruler class, but at the same time he hates humanity and his actions can be considered evil. He’s described as a mastermind who manipulates people for his own goals, and I don’t think that’s too far from the truth either. I’m pretty much neutral on his character otherwise though. In-game he’s a pretty solid AoE Buster Ruler that’s especially good with challenge quests due to him removing all buffs on enemies and reducing their critical chance. Pretty good servant to have overall.

Angra Mainyu – The Weakest Servant is exactly who he himself describes: the weakest of them all. Doesn’t help that he’s lazy as well and just does whatever he wants. I’m yet again pretty neutral on him, though I do like his rowdy nature. His design is also very cool with his entire body covered in ritual markings. Given that he’s a highly secret character, he almost never appears in the game either which is fine by me, since I like him being a mystery. In-game he is indeed the weakest servant, but even he can become at the very least capable with the right support. I literally never use him, but his NP can do galaxy brain moves and the Quick buff on his third skill is massive, so he can at the very least be fun to play with.

Yang Guifei – Hau Hau is a beautiful servant with a good voice actress who definitely has the highest potential of the neutral tier to move up one tier, but we don’t have her in NA yet so I can’t judge for sure. Then again, they’ve dropped her into the game with literally no story- or event attached to her, so we literally only got her dialogue to go off. I can’t speak too much for her gameplay either, but it looks like she has a niche in burning enemies and doing extra damage against enemies that are burned. I’m not really a fan of her face close-up in the NP though; weird timing to say that, but it just bugs me a lot.

Astraea – OHOHOHO is the Goddess of Justice summoned into Luvia’s body. Since she is still JP exclusive I don’t know a lot about her, but her animations- and voice lines definitely scream Luvia. I’m not the biggest fan of Luvia myself, but I don’t dislike her either. While I don’t know that much about her gameplay either, I have seen her being a critical Arts monster due to the number of stars she is able to generate through her NP and skills, and the NP itself is pretty spammable. Especially with Castoria now being a thing, Astraea will be a solid option as the main DPS of the party.

Shi Huang Di – Nanomachine Chicken is the genderless emperor of China. Since they are a JP exclusive servant and one that is very relevant to the story of Lostbelt 3, it goes without saying that I haven’t searched up a lot about them. I am certainly interested, and their presence is very intimidating in a good way so I do want to know more. I also don’t know too much about how they play honestly. They were actually talked about a lot when they came out since they do have a very solid skillset and an especially strong NP that gives them a massive crit and attack buff for three turns, as well as invincibility and taunt. So they’re good for sure, but I’d have to play with them a bit myself to give a final answer on that.

Passionlip – Adorable Masochist would probably be the most controversial pick on this tierlist but solely for myself. Readers who have seen the previous tierlists might be aware that I’m… not necessarily the biggest fan of a huge, unrealistic chest size. And it just so happens that Passionlip has the most unrealistic big chest size of the entire franchise. Still, there is something special about Lip, and I’m glad I know someone who is the biggest fan of Passionlip in the world because my eyes were opened to an overall cute servant who is a bit too honest for her own taste. In-game she’s an excellent tank–especially for one turn–and also a good damage dealer, though her NP is a bit on the weak side depending on what NP level you have. Nothing two Merlins can’t fix though.

Antonio Salieri – Mozart Alter is not a meme title, as that’s what he’s literally introduced as. He’s quite a sad existence actually, being a famed musician but the only thing he’s known for is the murder on Mozart who he wasn’t even responsible for. A great servant for a concept yet again because he isn’t too bad a human (especially after what I’ve seen during Lostbelt 1), but his hatred took shape and made him an Avenger. He’s also the only non-SR or SSR character on this tierlist, and I really hope we’ll see more in the future instead of the next 5* limited servant. Especially because he is a very solid servant overall as well, being both Arts-focused and also crit-based, and he does a pretty good job at both. The only negative about him really is that all of the skills only last for 3 attacks, making him slightly worse at soloing because that pretty much means his skills have no effect for the turns the skill is on cooldown.

Gorgon – Stoner Snek is the final evolution of the Medusa line. This is the closest representation to the Medusa we are often confronted with in other games or media, because this is where she lost most of her divinity to become an actual mother of beasts. Character-wise she’s also much different from the OG Medusa, being more resenting to humans for what they’ve done to her and her sisters. I’m pretty neutral on her character overall, but more towards the positive side. I actually have her in-game NP5 when I rolled for Quetzalcoatl, and she is really fun and easy to use. She’s pretty much a solid Buster AoE nuke that also deals very good critical damage, especially with a buff to her first skill that’s coming soon to make the crits more reliable.

Hessian Lobo – The True Doggo is–or are–someone I’m very familiar with thanks to the good old RPGs. Both Hessian/the headless horseman and Lobo, the King of Currumpaw are frequently portrayed as monsters or bosses to fight in this genre, so it was a pleasant surprise to see them in FGO as well. There’s little to say about their personality other than that they hate humans, but I like the… complicated concept behind how they fused as one servant at least. In-game they’re a crit-based Quick ST Avenger with a niche in insta-killing enemies, with a decent percentage to do so. Pretty much a ”what you see is what you get” servant gameplay-wise.

Sherlock Holmes – Master Detective is one of the most prominent servants within the story of FGO. While his appearance during the original story was minimal, he’s been staying with us and helping us out during the Lostbelt chapters. I like how they’ve kept his character be someone that talks in riddles and wants the readers/characters in the story to figure out the plotholes he himself has already deciphered. He’s the perfect character to be with us in the Lostbelt chapters of the game because they’re filled to the brim with mysteries. In-game he’s also really good, being an excellent critical support that can give every ally an ignore defence- and invulnerability effect with his NP. Furthermore, the ability to lower the enemy’s defence- and Arts resistance is also very welcome. Really solid support for challenge quests.

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