Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Extra servants!

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Mysterious Heroine XX – Star Wars reference is back with a vengeance, this time not just with a grudge against Sabers but also Foreigners. She’s still very much our loveable Mysterious Heroine X though, hence why I won’t go too much into her personality since it’s pretty much the exact same. I absolutely love her second half-mecha half-swimsuit ascension though. In-game she’s alright, but her skill set is a bit inconsistent. Gaining stars is nice, but it also reduces her own crit star weight at the same time. The other skills are nice though, especially the last one which is an NP battery as well as a damage modifier against Threat to Humanity servants, making her the perfect Foreigner killer whenever they show up. There’s also still the niche against Saber servants but honestly, might as well just grab any other MHX form or an Archer for that.

Jeanne d’Arc – Holy Saint is a character I’m very fond of. The tale of Jeanne d’Arc has always been one that I liked seeing in fictional media, and it’s no different here–although making her less waifu material in Fate/Apocrypha would probably make her even better, though her host is to blame for that. She is the OG Ruler, and also defines what a Ruler is very well. She’s also my first SSR I’ve ever gotten in the game… after which she decided to spook me three more times please leave me alone Jeanne :(. In-game she is one of, if not the tankiest servant in the game. That also means I barely use her, because the best defence is a good offence in my opinion. Still, it’s undeniable how good her NP is as it grants invincibility, and she has the potential to spam is decently often–especially in stalling teams.

Edmond Dantes – Edgy Komaeda Nagito was the first playable Avenger in FGO, and a pretty good one at that. He embodies hatred, but not necessarily hatred towards humans. He’s more someone who fights with a hatred against how the world itself works. I like the mysterious side of his character, and he appears pretty frequently as well. In-game he’s the absolute best Quick AoE farmer… if you have him NP3. That’s something a lot of people forget to mention, because at NP1 he won’t do enough damage with his NP to get enough refund. That’s a big deal if you ask me because without the NP levels, he’s still good but not amazing. Then again, I unfortunately don’t have him so I can’t judge.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter – Unholy Saint decided that it was not fair to get burned after all. Can’t blame her really. This is another one of those creative ”what-if” situations because really, was Jeanne truly fine with everything that happened in her life if she didn’t hear the voice of God? If the answer was no, she would have become the tsundere edgelord that she is now, with a slight dose of Otaku being thrown in there as well. She also surprisingly has the highest attack stat in the game, even after 5 years of FGO have passed. She was–and still is the original ”servant you bring with double Merlin” servant, because her crits are through the roof and she basically does everything an ST Buster servant needs to do: buff herself and her crit damage. Even though the meta has shifted, Jalter is still one of the most-used servants in the game, and definitely one of the most grailed. I mean seriously, at release there were like 20 grailed Jalters on my support list, it’s crazy.

Artoria Pendragon – A summer servant so I won’t go into detail about her character, which I wouldn’t know anyway because she’s still JP exclusive. Doubt there’s much different about her though, as she’s probably just slightly less serious than her Lancer counterpart as per usual for summer servants. And hey, she’s technically the first servant ever playable in a playboy bunny suit and trust me: we need more of that. In-game she was one of the weaker summer servants of an already pretty weak summer event, though she now has the unique ability to prevent an allied servant’s cards to appear during a turn. It’s not really worth it bringing her in just for that, but she can also provide a party-wide critical damage and NP gain buff with the same skill so she’s not useless or something. All her other skills are revolved around her personally though, so she’s more a DPS servant than anything.

Ganesha – The Great Statue God became the first servant to infiltrate the Moon Cancer class and not make it exclusive to BB anymore–although BB herself is the reason this became possible in the first place. DW also doesn’t really care for lore it seems but oh well. I don’t know much else since I want to discover her character and how she came to be as blindly as possible, but I do really like this servant so I’m looking forward to it. I can’t really speak for how good she is either, but she’s an AoE Arts Moon Cancer that’s a balance between DPS and support. Wish I could say more, but I’d have to see her in-game to judge on that.

Quetzalcoatl – An event servant that’s not in NA yet, but I’m pretty sure this is just our loveable Quetz. That’s why she’s so high up this tierlist after all. Not really a fan of those costumes that add a mask, but it fits her character at least and it’s not mandatory to equip. Don’t really know too much about her gameplay either, but she’s looking to be another Ruler mix between DPS and a crit support. Can’t really say much else, though I do love her NP and the different variations of them!

Okita Souji Alter – Daishouri also needed an edgy form, although Okita Alter isn’t really that edgy. She has a bit more of a serious backstory, but she’ll still be the same Okita that we all know since it’s still GudaGuda after all. I do think her role in the GudaGuda 3 story was a bit weak though, so I hope she’ll make a better return in the next event. Love the design as well, especially her first ascension since it’s just a tanned Okita with a scarf. I also like using her in-game where she isn’t really the strongest or anything, but she is still a solid AoE Buster Alter Ego that specializes in dishing out damage. She definitely won’t farm, but that’s not necessary for me to become a servant that’s overall just fun to play with.

BB (and the BB at the final position but too lazy to remake this tierlist) – Devilish Kouhai is everyone’s favourite fourth-wall-breaking servant that messes around with Chaldea just because she can. She’ll help you out sure… when she feels like it and doesn’t want to mess around. I really can’t dislike BB; she just brings so much value to the story with her character- and actions. Heck, in summer 3 she literally merged some Hawaiian islands together to turn it into a singularity with a time-loop. She also casually added Pele and Nyarlathotep to her spirit origin which… mildly frustrates me because the latter should have been reserved for a Foreigner servant but whatever, not like BB cares too much about that. I don’t really use either form in battle too often, though they are both actually pretty good. Her welfare form can cleanse debuffs and remove enemies their invincibility and evade, while her summer variation has the unique skill to freeze the cards for three turns. That skill especially is very good and can guarantee strategies like looping or brave chains quite easily. Aside from that, they’re also both very good DPS Crit servants. Unfortunately she wouldn’t come to me during summer though, but oh well.

Meltlilith – Tap Dancer has extremely sharp feet. Should probably not let her tap dance near you. Before I saw Melt in the game, I legitimately thought she would be an evil villain-like servant but that was not the case. I don’t know if tsundere would be the correct usage for her here though since she’s not really too honest about her true feelings… she’s also a massive sadist. And of course she’s from CCC, so she’s all but innocent. I do really like her design too even though she has such massive legs and an… interesting protection of her special place. CCC, don’t question it. In-game she was always pretty good as an ST Quick Alter Ego with good damage and skills, but then DW decided to flip their table and give her a buff that gives her extra critical damage for 3 turns for every normal attack that she does. This means that if she’s alone, she can potentially have a total of 12 crit buffs active at the same time. What is balance?

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