Fate/Grand Order Tierlist: Ranking all Extra servants!

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Oda Nobunaga – Chuubinyou Demon King literally became an actual Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. Nobu does whatever she wants to after all. Though admittedly, even though I love Nobu a lot and she’s one of my favourite servants… this is not what I wanted. Her first ascension is classic Nobu, then we get male Nobu who I’m indifferent to and then there’s adult Nobu. While I can kind of see the adult Nobu being what Nobu herself imagines to be as a Demon King… I really don’t like it, it just doesn’t fit her character. She also isn’t super good in-game which is a shame. Her first skill is an excellent attack buff that comes with an unnecessary demerit, her second skill is an invincibility skill that also shares a damage multiplier against enemies with the Sky attribute which is stupid to have on one skill, and her final skill is a low NP battery + crit stars for three turns. I won’t deny that I’m disappointed because all they had to do was make Nobu edgier and give her red/burning hair but oh well, can’t have everything I guess.

Voyager – The Fate/Requiem collab had such a weird timing. There was still only one novel volume, and the identity of the main servant who is Voyager was still unknown. So when he came into FGO, they basically had to spoil who- or what he was. Apparently Voyager is also his class, but due to DW being lazy he’s a Foreigner now. The concept behind this servant is brilliant though: he’s the unmanned Voyager space probe sent out by NASA. I can’t judge much about his character yet, but his animations and voice actor all sound really cute and therefore he is cute. In-game he’s also a very solid servant, being one of the better servants for the Skadi system as well as a nice crit support. His NP is also very nice, dealing extra damage against enemies with the Sky attribute and charging all allies’ NP by 20% or even 30% for servants with the Living Human attribute. Can’t wait to roll for him when he comes!

Kingprotea – Kaiju Loli is the most adorable giant you’ll ever meet. Many people were wondering how she’d be included in the game due to her ginormous size, and the solution was pretty easy: just do it. While I don’t know everything about her personality, I do know that her exterior is in a sense pretty similar to that of Passionlip; a shy, cute servant who just wants to be loved. I bet there’s also some not-so-innocent parts to her as she’s part of the Sakura Five, but that’s something we’ll find out in a few months. As for gameplay… she’s literally unkillable. It’s tough to describe since I haven’t been able to use it yet, but she has a unique stacking buff that lasts for 10 turns, and increases her Max HP and NP damage resistance every turn. This buff also has effect on her NP and second skill, but it becomes pretty complicated so let’s just leave it at that she’s very powerful and unkillable if that’s fine with you!

Kiara Sesshouin (warning: 18+ language) – You thought Medb was a thot? Then you haven’t met Lewd Nun yet, who literally uses the entire earth as a masturbation tool. This is when Fate gets really crazy, and also proves that Fate/Extra CCC is literally a hentai game. I’ve put Kiara up this high just because I love how a character like this is able to exist, and everyone’s just fine with it. She looks down on literally everyone- and everything, and all of them are just a tool for herself. You can just tell how much of a dominant figure she is if she was taken over by a demon pillar as a normal human, and made that demon pillar her bitch. I can’t help but love this character, and she’s pretty good in-game too! She started off really weak with an even weaker NP, but she’s basically the best AoE Alter Ego now and also one of the best Arts farmers thanks to all the buffs she has gotten. She is an excellent debuffer- and healer at the same time, and now also deals good damage now that her NP has been increased in damage. Oh, and in summer 5 she gets a loli version… which is unfortunately not summonable. You were this close to perfection DW.

Sitonai – FBI target no. 1 is back, but this time not as a loli in a ”magical” adventure, but as an Alter Ego containing three goddesses. Her personality is actually pretty easy to explain, as she’s basically Fate/Stay Night Illya; cute on the outside, a little less cute (read: cruel) on the inside. She only appeared in Lostbelt 2 very shortly, but I can’t wait to see her again during Halloween where I’m absolutely going to roll for her. She’s a pretty solid ST Arts servant overall–not the best, but definitely not the worst either. She has both survivability- and offensive capabilities, though her last skill is yet again dependent on RNG. They really want us to pair her with Chloe huh, the sick bastards.

Saint Martha – A summer servant so I won’t go too much into detail, as she’s literally the same Dragon Punching Saint that we all know and love. You’d say her Ruler counterpart would be a bit more… Ruler-like, but her wild nature shows even more in this class for some reason. Not that I’m complaining of course; I love Martha, and I also love how she plays. You would think that using a Ruler class servant as an offensive servant wouldn’t really be that beneficial over actual class advantage, but Martha will prove you wrong. The amount of damage she’s able to dish out with crits is incredible, and she can also do even more damage against undead, divine and demonic enemies. Don’t underestimate her just because she has no class advantage, because she’ll ruin your day if you do.

Abigail Williams – Abby was just an innocent little girl living her life… and then she got taken over by an eldritch abomination. I honestly love this class since I also really like Lovecraft’s creations, and this also gives her two different characters for the price of one. Regular Abby is just an innocent girl her age, sensitive and naive, while Eldritch Abby makes you wish she was still that innocent girl. I love both of them though, which is also the reason they’re up here. I also really hope they’ll focus more on Foreigners in the future, but that’s something for another day. In-game she’s pretty solid as the first Foreigner, being an ST Buster servant with a decent skillset. She doesn’t necessarily do anything unique, but she can dish out nice damage and she removes all buffs before her NP deals damage which is always a bonus.

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