Ranking all The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Dungeons

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Hyrule Castle – This “dungeon” is a bit weird to rank as it does count as a dungeon, but it is split up into two parts that each vastly differ from how other dungeons are defined. Regardless of it being split into two parts though, I still consider the combined package to be my least favourite dungeon in the game. I prefer the first visit over the second visit because it is not only the tutorial of the game, but you explore the entire castle while a lot of stuff is going on, including the death of your uncle. That said, there isn’t much to the castle itself, with the only interesting part being the basement where Princess Zelda is locked up. There is a sewer segment afterwards which is fine but still nothing too special. The second visit is one that I don’t really like a lot because you’re just going up a tower with every room just being an enemy gauntlet, nothing else.

The weapon you obtain on the first visit is the boomerang, and I’m probably going to say something heretical here but… I don’t really care too much for the boomerang in this particular game. I mean yeah, it stuns enemies, that’s cool–I just prefer to have a duel like real men. But it does have its uses in hitting switches that your sword can reach, though there are other weapons with the same ability.

The boss fight against Agahnim is one I do really enjoy though. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first instance of a fight in the Zelda series where you can’t actively hurt the boss, but you have to deflect their shots. It works well, and Agahnim does mix up his shots occasionally to catch you off-guard. Good boss fight overall!


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