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Top 5 Games that don’t exist.. yet!

You know those ”Under the shower” thoughts where you come up with brilliant ideas and ask yourself ”why doesn’t this exist yet”? Well, that’s an easy way to introduce today’s topic. I have these thoughts a lot when I play a game and then realize it would fit perfectly with another franchise or genre and question why this hasn’t been

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Top 5 Hollow Knight Boss Battles

In my original review of Hollow Knight I mentioned that the bosses are an excellent challenge.. and left it at that mostly. I had my reasons for it really. The review was already going on for longer than the optimal length I want my reviews to be, and also the reason we’re here today: counting down my Top 5 Favourite

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Top 10 Fate Female Servants (2018)

Banner Female Servants

Welcome to the final article of Fate/Grand Order week 2018, where we take a look at my Top 10 Favourite Fate Female Servants. The same rules apply here; no servants that are not yet playable in the American release of the game, and the priority lies with design and lore. Gameplay is taken into account as well but that’s of

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