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Question: Who is the character appearing in your banners?
Answer: The mascot of my site is my own original character named Nepiki. All the art appearing in articles have been made possible by the excellent artist ToriVortexStar on DeviantArt, who you can find here.

Question: Will you publish news on the website?
Answer: For the moment no. I am not well enough up-to-date with news, and my priority lies with other gaming articles. I will retweet whatever news I find on my Twitter however, and my Discord server is actively gathering news as well.

Question: Are you planning on hiring people?
Answer: At the moment no. I prefer working alone.

Question: How does your scoring work at the end of a review?
Answer: My score is the average between two separate scores: One based on fun, and one on the quality of the gameplay/story etc. itself. My scores are highly personal and I want to reflect that with both grades. I don’t really care for graphics- or performance too much, but instead how much fun I have with the game. This means that if a game is horrible quality-wise which results in the lowest grade possible while I have the most fun with it that I could wish for, the end grade will still be a somewhat positive one as a result.