Looking back and ahead: 2021

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Happy New Year dear reader! This post came out a bit later than I intended it to, but my 2021 started off just like it was still that cursed year 2020; I had to take a COVID-19 test that fortunately came back negative, but I was unfortunately still bedridden for multiple days, including New Year’s Eve. I’m still not recovered

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In Memoriam: Adobe Flash

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I wasn’t planning on writing an article on Adobe Flash of all things. It definitely is a major part of my history as a young gamer, but I also haven’t really touched Flash games for many, many years. But now that we’ve reached the end of 2020, I’ve actually gained some news that is… pretty old actually, but it will

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Emulation and video game piracy: is it really that bad?

I’ve been frequently streaming again on Twitch, and one of the games that I’m currently playing is a Gameboy Advance game, or rather a ROM hack of Pokémon Emerald called Pokémon Glazed. I’m playing this ROM hack through an emulator… which basically means I’m pirating software doesn’t it? Emulation and the pirating of (retro) games have been a heavily discussed

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